Platform filters

We’ve seen insane growth for the platform and NFTs expand well beyond art now—we’re seeing insurance, game assets, misc nfts and are bound to see much much more; I think filters are absolutely necessary as we continue to expand what exists and what can exist on rarible.

Users should be able to pick a # or other denoting category from a list or create their own category (for community run categories). The max should be 2-3 categories per nft to minimize category spam from unrelated nfts.

Any other suggestions are welcome:)


It’s annoying to see the domain and other stuff pop up in the feed. The front page should be curated and promoted like etsy. The whole point of the model is that it doesn’t matter if you are artist or first buyer, you have nearly equal standing in the market. It’s on you to promote outside of the platform, bring sales, and grow following.

Bump since I think this is important for the growth of the site.

There should be a moderate number of filters within categories, too. For example, there are dozens of styles lumped together under art; of course I don’t want to see every nuance as an option, either!

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