Platform improvement needed -Smart Contract approved, but NFt lost?

Question: where can i expect to fing NFTs, and how to Utilise Smart contract////

Hi, i spent about 10hs trying to ger my First Nft lauched,
it was a multiple mint and required 3 steps being signed via my metamask, which was the first surprise.
The first cost, 7€, and came through, so i was surprised that step 2. was asking for 29€, and in anticipation that step three might cost more than was on my wallet, i opened a different browser parallel on my phone to reaserch.

Coming back to rarible 1m later, Progress was lost
and i had to fill out the NFT form again, even though i had the smart contract confirmed (and deducted) in my transactions…

2nd round through step 1 signing was asking 27€gas ??? So i altered it down -5gwei from recommended (i believe 85 tots.) resulting in 3€gas… that are still waiting to be confirmed…

Nontheless i was able to sign step 2 and 3, this time at no apparent gas cost…

So the Questions again:
-will i be able to find NFT‘s if the Transaction passes, or is there a Timeout on the side of rarible, and if so, where,
-Can i make use of the first smart contract, to finish crafting ??

Overal i find this aspect of the site can do with improvement in reliability, to boost engagement.

Thank you in advance for your Help!

as i understood the first is the “approve” commition, which is the cheaper,
and the 2nd is the higher, to mint the token, both depend on the eth gas price the same day.
they are both as “smart Contract call” , so its not lost, if you wont change wallet…
transactions failed because of missing funds, or low gas cost if you changed it…
6$-10$ for the 1st, 40-60$ for the 2nd ( from my experience)