Please help Can't fetch token info

Hi people, I need your help. My friend @chrryt has a problem with her NFT, please help! She tried to contact Rarible by Discord yet no response whatsoever, that’s why I try this for her. She gets the following message

“Can’t fetch token info
Sorry, but something went wrong while loading token data. Try again later”

This is the link to her profile:

Wait until it’s fixed.

Thanks and yeah I get that, is someone working on it? it’s taking way too long.

Hi @DoubleORoos

Unfortunately, it happened to me. It lasted 5 weeks and my NFT is now somewhat bugged. Can’t put it on sale on accept a bid on it.

Was it one of yours or is it one your bought?


No it’s one of a friend of mine, she is kind of worried. I will let her know what you said. Thanks for your answer even though it wasn’t what I was hoping for.