Please Verify My Account

Hi my name is Xen, I’ am trying to get verified. I have minted a handful of NFTs and was not verified the first time, my fault. I have become more familiar with guidelines and the NFT market and since have burned hundreds of dollars worth of NFTs in a effort to show my intentions are good, I was just confused about fair use copyright and the NFT marketplace. Please could you give me a second verification chance? I will be more thorough with my minting of art, I like most people do not like to just burn money. Thank you.

Hi @XenImages

You must have received a message denying you verification. This email includes a link to resubmit.

If not, or if you discarded it, open a ticket here :

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Yes Sheratan I did discard email in frustration, thank you for link. Xen.

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You’re welcome :blush:

My pleasure to help