Poetry NFT's backed by a company

Hi guys,

I’m doing this topic to show you something maybe interesting.

Okay so I’m a young writer and I’m a huge fan of fashion. After my commercials studies, I’ve worked the whole year to create my own company called "Au Fil Des Vers® " and my first clothes season start at the end of this month. The concept is simple, I write poems and i include them in the collections. Beside, every poem is sold under an NFT form to keep them as an art piece. To be totaly clear, this money could help the business to grow. You should see that like a stock. Maybe is it a bit like a bet for you guys, if me and my team does a great job to run the business sucessfully in Europe, you’ll probably make a lot of money on these NFT’s. If we go bunkruptcy, then it would be over. I’ve put a lot of my life savings in this project so thrust me, i won’t do a mess.

Thanks for support. Take care

Monsieur J

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hi @AuFilDesVers, welcome :slight_smile:

what is it you are saying/asking here? Can you please give clarity - if you’re wanting collab then awesome but if you are promoting yourself or your work can you please keep it to the threads that already exist for this purpose?