Price changing and effect on "Explore" section

Hey guys! So I’m not verified yet but I did notice that whenever I cancel a sale and then relist my NFT at a new price, then it will pop up on the “Explore” section at the top then slowly drop to the bottom. (as long as I unchecked the “verified only” button)

My question is what happens when I simply “lower” the price of my NFT? Will my NFT again pop up on the “Explore” section showing the new lowered price? I did check this a few times and my NFT did not pop up after I reduced the price. Maybe this is because I am not verified? I even unchecked the “verified only” button before refreshing the Explorer search and still I could not find my NFT with the new reduced price.

Would appreciate any help! Thank you

Hi @NFTme,

when you decrease the price of your NFT, you’ll see down of the windows “will be pushed to top” or “won’t be pushed to top” of the list. The NFT is pushed to top if you decrease the price of the NFT from at least 0.05 ETH.


@Sheratan That helps a lot! Thanks! Altho I did notice something strange. So I saw the message saying “will be pushed to top if decreasing price by at least 0.05 ETH” however I lowered my price only from 0.023 to 0.021 which is only a reduction of 0.002 ETH and yet I did see it pop up! Why is this?

Because you’re unverified so decreasing push it to top, I think

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If you drop the price by a certain percentage, it will get pushed to the top of explorer. I’m not exactly sure what that percentage is though. I don’t think it has anything to do with being verified

In fact it’s not a percetage, it’s 0.05 ETH.

If you decrease your price by 0.05 ETH, your NFT is pushed to top section of the Explore page.

How is that even possible though, if the price of the NFT isn’t even that high?

I just changed the price on three pieces that were already priced well below that

It’s the way it’s done. Sorry. That’s why you’d better overprice your NFT then decrease it slowly.

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