Promotional sites

Between doing tattoos for a living, and now these NFTs, I get lots of offers on social media for promoting my stuff… as I’m sure most of us do. I’ve been tattooing long enough to not need any help in that department… and I’m also familiar with how many of them are just scams. I was hoping to hear some feedback on sites and how they have helped, or not…
Thanks in advance… and forgive me if there is already a thread started for this topic. As I was typing it out I thought to myself… I should have used the search bar first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A little more specifically, I’m asking about the retweets for $ from people w 750,00 plus followers.


there have been a few topics like this before, but to answer your question, it looks as if the promotional tweets help in the sense that you need to get on an account with a large following. But some of them do help, but the scams are real.

I always look towards more organic growth instead of paying for the views. But then again, I dont care as much about the sales as this is not my profession. Its a grind, one I am not willing to put money into making someone else rich.


Don’t pay for that. If you want you can list your items for free at my community.
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