Proposal: A reward system for platform’s liquidity holders and voters

The original proposal is subdivided into two ideas:

Idea 1.

Rarible DAO invests funds (in $RARI) to distribute tokens amongst those investors who contribute the financials resources for the Uniswap pools. This reward is highly dependent on the total amount of RARI owned by the recipient.

Idea 2.

Moreover, liquidity holders would have an option to participate in platform’s live, i.e. by voting and offering new ideas. Also, the user may freeze its own tokens in liquidity pools to indicate its commitment to participate in the platform, obtain tokens and get rewards from the DAO community.

The working principle

  • The formulas we created for staking are great for the reward distribution as they consider most of the leading factors and represent the user’s activeness numerically with decent accuracy.
  • Formula system:
    The formulas are described in the following document:


Reward Formula System ( = Staking) The main formula for RARI token holders: Y = 0,35365 N + 0,3 Y - end value N - number of full staking days (numbering starts at zero) Rewards of each staker exclusive of rewards of the others: V=…

  • The period for which the user has its tokens frozen is also taken into account by the system: the longer it is - the more perks will be gifted.
  • The realization involves a special Python code which would display users who have their RARI tokens in the liquidity pools and calculate a reward for those who suit the conditions. This would allow me to become one of the leaders in platform’s growth and development.
    I would like to be given a 200 RARI grant for this project.

Expected results for Rarible:

  • This idea applies to all active participants in the platform.
  • The formulas are easy to understand for most of the community as they are represented by a linear function.
  • The two ideas are combined making coding it almost effortless.
  • Considering not only those who keep tokens on their account, but also users having tokens in the liquidity pools.
  • The key source of growth for the NFT sector as well as for Rarible is the flow of new users interested in obtaining NFT tokens. Thus, this addon would draw attention to the creation of collections and to the system in general.
  • This idea considers all the factors of the recent proposal: Proposal for Phase 2 of [RR2] - DAO Governance - Rarible.