[PROPOSAL] Creator Relations with Rarible DAO

My proposal would be to establish a Creator Relations Collective (CRC) to facilitate community-focused endeavors, inform artists of new projects and opportunities within the Rarible ecosystem.

Example of projects we could do include:

  • Artist collaboration with Brands
  • Theme Campaign Drops
  • Collaborative NFT Campaigns
  • Community Gallery Showcase

How the CRC would benefit the DAO?

Engaging in the Rarible community is a catalyst for opportunities. I’m sure there are many of you out there that have experienced that. But I’ve also found that it can also be difficult to know exactly where one should even begin. As a newer member to the space I’ve had my share of rabbit holes, difficulties, and headaches. The CRC would help alleviate that by diligently working to unearth and create opportunities and make them known and accessible to interested artists.


For over 20 years I have been a Digital + Analog Arts Educator and Graphic Designer. I have worked with various art centers, STEM Programs, art collectives, community arts projects, and Brand liaison. I’m passionate about creating connections and finding opportunities that will help the Rarible community worldwide.


We would be working closely with the Rarible team. Attend weekly community calls to provide status updates and opportunities. Post project/opportunity updates regularly. Facilitate discussions on discord. Weekly email overview.

Timeframe: TBD

Budget Requested: 70 $RARI for the first pilot project


Hi Nathalie,

This looks like a great idea.
By creating a community of artists, we could merge contacts (fans, art galleries, future digital museums, potential buyers…), create a force to negociate contracts/deals/ campaigns with various brands, and also gather to declinate one theme into NFTs seen through the eyes of various artists and style, we could also create multimedia NFT more easily (music+visuals animated or not) etc. by focusing on each artist talent.

Something to think about and I advise everyone to post his opinions and ideas here.

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.


Hi Sheratan,
Thank you for thoughtful response! I so very much appreciate it. Bringing artists together to make multimedia NFT’s is so right up my alley. There are so many possibilities! That’s what has me so incredibly fascinated and passionate with this space. We are just at the very beginning and there is so much room growth.
I would also love to hear from more of the community:) So if your reading this please share your thoughts and comments:)

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Great to hear your proposal on the call @fractilians! I think this is really helpful and can get more artists to take advantage of the technology and opportunities. Would love to see how we can help and collab. I’m ohjia#9357 on discord.


Yes! Totally agree, Having a place where artists can take advantage of the tech and opportunities is key:)
I will add you to our discord channel:) So stoked you want to help:)

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Hi, I think this is a lovely proposal that could help the organisation and the artists alike.

Community organisation around projects for both the development of the platform and artist community, as well the onboarding of new artists is the way to maintain and grow a vibrant ecosystem.

I think a great way to benefit the most from this proposal would be if collaborations were to include both seasoned veterans and novices on both sides of the Art and NFT worlds, it would be a great way to foster idea and point of view exchange to bridge the knowledge gap, create new networks that were previously not intertwined, and, like Sheratan said, it can also help build up a common artistic force and commercial leverage.

Would definitely vote for, and be happy to be part of, this CRC proposal.

Cheers and koodos,



Wow thanks so much for your super thoughtful response! So many great ideas!
There is so much that can be done with passionate dedicated crew we would love to have you help in any way you can:)

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