Proposal for option to add pay for collaborators (Models, Bandmembers,etc..)

I am a photographer and I was having a discussion with a model friend of mine and it got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if I could specify a second payment address in the smart contract so that a model would get paid a percentage if I sold an image of her? Then the secondary could also split the resale percentage.
I believe this may help photographers work with models in a fair payment arrangement backed by blockchain. I could see this carrying down the road to become a standard practice that would be mutually beneficial for all.


Hi, as a fellow photographer I can see much merit in this suggestion.
Mostly I work with fine art and landscape images but would love to experiment more with portraiture and model shots. There’s always the question of who brings what to the table, and a smart contract with authenticated, fair distribution of any ongoing income would be very useful in fairly settling the relationship.
Good idea!

why limit it to a second? in music oftentimes many artists beats are all combined to make dope tunes. there should be a way to have any number of wallet address in that spot, and for them to have a variable percentage cut of either the overall take, or a percentage of a percentage.

10% of the overall sale gets divided 50, 25, 25, and 5% of the sale gets divided, 12.5 12.5 25 25 25, for a total cut of 15% of the sale dived between 8 people with varying roles in the work.

Treelove, you bring up an excellent point. I could see a band splitting profits with NFTs, thank you for your thoughtful reply.

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It is a good idea that the payment could be separated.

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