Proposal for Phase 1 of [RR2]

In a previous forum post, we proposed various changes to make changes to the RARI reward structure (see ).

This is a proposal to kickstart the first of these changes, namely, directing 25% of the marketplace mining fund into a smart contract Community Treasury governed by RARI holders. Now is a good time to make this change since we are releasing the Rarible protocol, and it would be useful to start having a DAO treasury to reward developers and teams building on top of it. The other aspects of RR2 will be proposed at a later point.

There are still some unanswered question around whether we go with a multisig or a DAO. If we are going with a multisig, we will need to determine who will be signing.

We will bring this up in the community call this week, and put it up for voting by the weekend. Please leave comments or concerns below!