[PROPOSAL] Funding to Pay for Tools to Support DAO Working Groups


This is a proposal to allocate funds to a multisig wallet that will be used to pay for subscription services and other expenses related to increasing productivity and efficiency.

  • Notion.so - Team Plan
  • Figma / Miro
  • Other platforms as needed

Funding Request

This proposal aims to fund a multisig with USD $2.5K equivalent in $RARI. The multisig signers will be Eric, Mark, Elitot and myself (Zach). These funds will be used on an as needed basis to pay for tools and services that the working groups will have access to.

We recently began to leverage the functionality of Notion.so and quickly outgrew the free plan. Notion will allow us to collaborate, share knowledge, manage projects and streamline onboarding. Notion will be the first subscription purchased. The team plan costs $8/person per year and as the number of contributors grows we will need the ability to quickly add users to the plan. **edit: Eliot found a referral code for a $1000 credit that we applied. (shoutout Eliot!)

Funds should be sent to this multisig Ethereum address:


A member of the Ops Team will attend weekly community calls and provide updates on how these funds have been spent. Members of the Ops Team can also be contacted to provide details on any transaction from the multisig. There will also be a Google Sheet that will be used to log all transactions. This will be made public and accessible for anyone to view. Google Sheet

  • Zach - ZachC#8417
  • Eliot - EliotC#2942
  • Copper - cooperlogsdon#1359

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

This funding will allow the working groups to have the agility to pay for smaller expenses without having to work though the Proposal -> Snapshot process. Currently, the team is unable to add anything else to the notion and it has slowed progress. The hope is to avoid situations like this in the future.

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The requested amount of this proposal has been updated. Eliot was able to find a referral code that we applied to get Notion back up and running.