Proposal ideas!

Starting a thread for proposal ideas. Drop your ideas below, and maybe someone with the right skillset will pick it up / propose it to the community…


it would be cool to create here a live chat, so that people can just talk about different things without interfering with the topics of main discussion


A community run website for Rarible Protocol… which explains the protocol and why people should build :slight_smile:


-A distinct (?) brand for “rarible protocol”
-A community run Twitter account for the ecosystem

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A brick-and-mortar flagship gallery. An art platform should have one! I can suggest a few spots in NYC. :wink:


That is not a bad idea at all.
But the costs could get high if they are hosting it themselves.

I think the best thing would be a gamer service for Chat and message, then share the info for people to login. Possible options would be Discord, Overtone, TeamSpeak3 or Mumble. But I personally have not done any real research in that topic for a few years.

  • Create a area on the home page where nfts sold with only $Rari

  • Make official Rari coin nfts and gift them to $Rari holders.

I think all members should wear a sherk suit and join the Crypto Shark Army. Just kidding :smiley:

  1. Integrate the forum (community) on main website.
  2. Put a block on the homepage for unverified members.
  3. Integrate the Rarible analytics gass price in Mint proces.

:shark: :heart:

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Here’s an idea. It could already exist and I just don’t know about it. An app that allows for trustless peer to peer trades of ERC-721 / ERC-1155 tokens. Say for example; I have a Bored Ape that you want, and you have a Bored Ape that I want. We decide to make a 1:1 trade. Like we did/do with Pokemon cards. Currently, as far as I know, there is no way ensure trading partners hold up their ends of the deal. Meaning I could send you my Bored Ape and potentially get nothing in return. TrustSwap has a similar app but it doesn’t allow for P2P trades of NFT’s. It would be cool to see something similar for NFT’s built into the Rarible ecosystem.