[PROPOSAL] Make custom NFT sites and marketplaces


Launch a simple site builder that lets creators easily make their own custom NFT site and marketplaces using the new Rarible protocol.


As more people join the NFT digital renaissance, minting new NFTs and adding them to marketplaces, it becomes increasingly important for creators to differentiate through unique shops and branding. Right now, the only way to create your own custom NFT site or marketplace is by building it from scratch. This is time-consuming and requires coding expertise. While there are many no code site or shop builders out there, they are not crypto native, they become gatekeepers to any NFT integrations, and are almost impossible to set up for an NFT shop.

We are building a simple NFT site builder that lets you create your own custom NFT shop or marketplace. You can mint new NFTs, display existing NFTs, and sell directly from your own site. You can customize the look of your site without code. Or, if you want to code something completely custom, you can add your own HTML/CSS/JS. The NFTs that you minted from your site would be automatically added to open marketplaces such as Rarible.

Being a crypto native site builder, we can later experiment with more ownership and crowdfunding ideas, integrate with useful projects in the ecosystem to allow features like gated content, access to private groups, messaging with collectors. And allow community ownership so that each site owner is incentivized to support and promote each other. So that we can be individuals, together.

Who are we?

We are @ohjia and @gleuch––designers and developers who have worked on projects like Ethernal (a fully decentralized dungeon crawler on Ethereum), Know Your Meme (first community-led meme archive), and Poncho (a cat that tells you the weather), as well as experience in e-commerce sites and platforms.

We are looking to work with more people. If you want to DM us on Twitter!

Our proposal

Launch Picnic v1:

  • Generate a site by connecting your wallet, choose a theme, add content and publish the site.
  • Add new assets to mint via lazy or traditional minting.
  • Dashboard for minting and displaying NFTs (NFTs for sale, minted NFTs, and NFTs you own) using the new Rarible protocol features.


1500 $RARI upfront, 1500 $RARI upon launch of v1.

Use of funds

  • software services and scalable infrastructure costs
  • hire additional contract developer and designer
  • incentive and marketing for the launch


We are working closely with the Rarible team to better utilize the Rarible protocol. We will provide updates on our progress on weekly calls and through bi-weekly newsletters. Also, half of the funding upon completion incentivizes us to release within our timeline. Our plan is to release in May.

The future

There are a lot of possibilities for a customizable NFT site builder.

We plan to develop a Picnic token that would be distributed to site owners and allow them to propose and vote on features and integrations. The token would also be distributed to contributors for designing more themes as well as to the Rarible DAO to continue aligning our incentives.

Potential integrations with projects in the ecosystem:

  • ENS support and subdomains
  • Collab.land for accessing private groups
  • Mintgate for unlocking links
  • and more…

A marketplace for themes, so that we can tap into the creativity of the community, have more unique designs, and give creators another revenue stream.

Why fund this

Since NFTs have become mainstream, more people are launching their NFTs or marketplaces and are looking for a way to differentiate themselves and create their own unique sites & communities. By creating an easy-to-use NFT site builder, we give emerging creators and brands alike the tools to take advantage of the new Rarible protocol and bring more people into the Rarible community.


Are you talking about a Shopify builder based on Rari tech stack ?


Yes. Similar to Shopify but built natively for web3. So integrating with services in the web3 and Rarible ecosystem and with crypto incentives for site owners and designers. I’ll be on the Rarible Governance call tomorrow to answer questions as well.


~ Picnic making in progress ~


This is a no brainer idea that is with experimenting with!

Big fan of the work @ohjia has produced in the past.


Our snapshot is live! You can vote here: https://snapshot.org/#/rarible/proposal/QmeKbXqjyHis94CramM3XYu1pVswMwcNsrHARkJ44qxQDp


Whats up here ?
This logo looks amazing!

I have heard so many people asking for the “NFT Shopify”