Proposal Make The Verification Process Faster

Find the original proposal here and vote for it if interested

Alternately, I think we need more transparency with new users, let them know that even after minting their NFTs their work will not be searchable or show on the website unless they are verfied. Also let them know this process could be time consuming.

Our team believes that rarible is the best platform out there undoubtedly! We just need to be more clear with how this works.


Definitely a nice step forward!!!

Profile and NFTs

I agree, the verification process can be faster, if admin could figure out a way to filter out bad weeds before it reaches them.

I believe there must be some type of test tie into the verification process. Make the verification a requirement before someone mints or purchases a token.

There is a lot of bad stuff been created that has no better purpose than a smelly fart after eating a banana.

I believe the admins are overwhelmed with the amount of requests of people trying to get verified. If they could filter out the bads way before it reaches them, they verification process will go a lot faster.

These people also generates customer support requests on things they can solve themselves if they just read the FAQ and the documentation.


I agree with a lot of your concerns. One of the beauty of DAO governance is that a lot of volunteers could help with verification.

I don’t think they should change the way they do it just the speed. A lot of good artists have second thoughts about staying on the platform when it takes this long. Trends change in 2-3 weeks. An artist who just minted something for this time could potentially lose sales due to not being verified sooner.

I agree that they are overwhelmed with verification requests but they could definitely bring in more volunteers. Even make the verification more strong. Due to so many artists just right out copy pasting from the internet.

Even though I want them to make the process faster, Rarible also needs to remain a legit platform.

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I wonder if there is a tool - sort of like a reverse image/file search - which can automatically crawl the art on the platform. Actually - I am sure something like this is already utilized in the verification process… right? :slight_smile:

their is google image search

I totally agree with this!!!

I wonder if a simple reverse image search like Google has would do the trick.

I’m still doubt with google images. Could you explain it, please?

well i’m talking about this

search by images, just upload any pic u want to look up
it doesn’t work on mobile unless u click on desktop

also there is another website to image reverse search its

fyi good way to find out if you’re getting catfish lol

I know bout google image, but how does it work? Rarible upload your minted work and search or what?

And if I bought a couple of images and then used them in my work - that’s okay?

P.S. sorry for my bad english

I’m not sure how they do it but before i buy anything I’m looking up people work to see if there is any other copies around or if it’s original.

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I think you should definitely check that with the mods, perhaps even start your own thread. As far as I know this community is for creators and collectors only. But again I could be wrong.

One thing for sure is they want to prevent people from copying and pasting stuff from the internet

I also think that buyers would kinda weird out if they see an art piece being sold which is not unique??!!

Hey Guys, actually I’m kind of new here (of course not validated and not sure if I ever get validated but thats not the point.) Instead I’m one of the folks who is characterized above and who was wondering if anyone could ever see my stuff. So I was thinking - how about this: instead of asking people for a lot of information about themselves for verification, just explain that the first rarible that they mint will serve as their ‘rari-card’ (like a business card): if people do well on their first piece, their NFT will be shown among others. (Maybe in the cool newbie gallery.) This would require looking at a lot of NFTs from your side but on the other hand this might be a lot faster or am I mistaken? This way you’d gain time. After - lets say: 2 weeks - you can continue with the verification process like you’re doing it now. With two very huge differences: 1.) the first NFT can already show if the user reached a bigger audience and you can decide if an users work is a benefit for rarible community. 2.) you don’t have to disappoint people who have been in the community for quite some time who probably reapply - because the chance that they are ‘already out’ is much higher.
Would be intereted in what you think about those two stages of verification.

@rawr yes, that’s what I meant, more information. what is written is exactly what those who are new do not know because it is not written on the other hand, if instead they write it as information I assume that many new ones put their hearts in peace without having to ask how long or why they are not published. :laughing:

The main question that uses (creators) on Rarible ask themselves is:

“Should I resend my verification query if nothing happens for 2 months?”

I think, Rarible need auto pre-moderation stages, some “things to do” achieves to get “verification ready” status. It will guarantee that user’s account totally ready to be verified. Without it the waiting process is quite a anxious.