Proposal: Making Rari a safer place

Hello Rarible governance,

As many of you are aware, there have been significant problems associated with hosting NSFW content on the Rarible website. These include legal issues, disagreements about where it should go on Rarible, and problems with artists who mint NSFW art becoming unable to mint SFW art. Even more importantly, sexual photos combined with the anonymity and decentralization of Crypto present significant ethical concerns, because it’s not possible to verify at scale whether nude photos are of someone 18+, and if they are, whether they consented to having them posted. Thus, by hosting NSFW content, Rarible may be unwittingly aiding and abetting child pornographers and/or sex traffickers by giving them a platform to share and profit from their evil deeds!

In order to protect the Rarible community, as well as the legal, financial, and moral interests of the Rarible team as well as all of us $RARI tokenholders, I would like to formally request that Rarible stop hosting publicly viewable NSFW content on the website

Due to the nature of the blockchain, Rarible can continue to allow existing holders of NSFW NFTs to view them when logged into their account, and also continue to allow the tokenization/minting of NSFW content NFTs onto the Ethereum blockchain via the current method on This would then allow community-run websites to create a platform for the selling/trading/viewing of these NSFW NFTs, without Rarible needing to host any NSFW content.

I believe that this solution is in the best interest of Rarible and the community overall, however I also expect that there will be opposition to this proposal from a small but vocal group of NSFW artists. Rarible governance, I ask that you please evaluate my proposal on the basis of what’s best for Rarible and the community overall, and when you listen to objections from any group weight their input equally in proportion to their prevalence within the overall Rarible community.

Thank you for considering my proposal, and I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions!
All the best,


Also,the minimum age for using Rarible is 13 years old which is also a problem if there is a Pornography section on the website.There’s no need to have a porn section.Rarible Website would probably be classed as illegal in Australia as is…And put on a blocking website list.minimum age would need to be 18 years old to use the site.


I generally agree with this proposal as it supports the long term health of Rarible. I think Caden brings up some strong points about why NSFW content shouldn’t be listed.

I would propose a variation on this that removes the most troublesome content, which would be real life pictures/media showing NSFW content, with a direct intent towards pornography. However, I do believe there is a place for nudity in created artwork, such as drawings, illustrations, paintings and other created content.

The main issue with my suggestion would be the reporting process for such content and where the community draws the line. If Rarible does become fully de-centralized, review may fall upon an elected group of folks, or reviewing content may not be possible.

The next question would be on enforcement- if a token was deemed against Rarible guidelines, is it then destroyed/burned? What if someone brings in content from another marketplace (or moves content to another marketplace)? This would all need to be discussed.


Interestingly, I am curious… specifically with photographic representation as to how the line between pornography and human form may determined. Pornography to me is a media representation of an overtly sexual or graphically violent/distasteful activity (pose, symbol, etc.). Human form is very different. I work with human form quite a bit (sometimes showing the full body and sometimes not). I do not want to break rules and would like to stay informed about the progress of this discussion, as it will greatly influence my decisions as to what I may or may not elect to present. The line between censorship and responsibility is sometimes a blurry one. Also, it is difficult to differentiate between personal taste and social guidelines when it comes to art.

Is there a possibility for integrating a “mask” for certain content that may only be removed after purchase/transfer.

I wasn’t invited to the discussion; however, I felt I might throw a fish into the lake as food for thought.

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Frankly, I found the minimum age of 13 to be odd anyway. As the site is intended to facilitate contracts and financial transactions, I found it interesting that children would be authorized to trade in the first place. If children are trading, I would assume this is with the express knowledge of their parents. Can kids even open legitimate e-wallet accounts? ( I do not know the answer to this. I can’t remember if I had to send ID, etc for the wallet or not.) Many countries (the USA is one) have specific contract law guidelines that hold harmless of responsibility any contract entered in to by an individual who has not yet reached the age of majority. I believe Australia has similar legislation in place. Perhaps this may be a more productive use of research than cancelling things that are outside your personal tastes and preferences. Economics will surely dictate the material people choose to mint. It is not free to mint and if people are not buying a particular genre, then the genre will likely (mostly) regulate itself.

Legal issues could be involved late on with the minimum age of 13. Not only with the pornography being accepted on Rarible, but also money being involved. Having a wallet for cryptocurrencies is similar to having a bank account. Bank accounts for minors, at least in the USA, need to have a joint account with parents until they are of age. Heck, paypal requires users to be 18 or older.
However, I know that for wallets like Coinbase, you just need parental consent to open a cryptowallet and are 13+; anyone 13 and below are inelligble.

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I generally agree with Nic333 and Zeshio on these topics.
The site has to show a certain professionalism to last long term.
Keep the site and name free of legal entanglements with porn and child safety.

Normal people do not realize just how much children and women sex trafficking goes on in the world even today. It is sad and disgusting system that NFT could be used as a tool to create more wealth for them and eventually lawsuits against Rarible for minting the NFT that made the profits for the slave trade.

If porn is allowed, then we need to legally find a way to protect the name, assets and board members from law suits of victims being turned into NFTs.

There needs to be a dedicated website for porn, extreme violent, and sadism NFTS that follow international guidelines. That sites must block countries that do not allow such content. Then meet the general requirements of the other countries to keep us out of trouble.

All that said - I can not logically state a 100 percent fool proof procedure to protect possible victims from becoming NFT models. It would require full time employees to audit and confirm certified model statements of them being of age in the country the photos are taken and willing participating in the act of being photographed / video taped.

Thus in reality - it should be a completely different website and maybe slightly different name like Rarible Adult. Where age verification for buyers, sellers are done before access. Then an online legal system for the NFT makers to confirm the models are legal and willing. The legal crap just goes on from there.

I do not promote porn in general, but do recognize the right of free will and an open internet for all forms of safe expression for everyone.

Countries do not go after sites like this till they start making real money, and with ETH going up and up as I write this. Countries and international law enforcement may decide there is some money here to come after.

Thus an official guide line of no porn should be posted and followed. Then if enough of the group want a porn version of NFT as is in vote right now. It needs to be done with a legal team and everything hosted in a country more liberal and forgiving of such content. They will not go after the NFT designer it will be the board and assets of Rarible that they go after and hold accountable. Then maybe the designers and buyers next, depending on what countries they reside in. Heck - you may think you are safe, then INTERPOL comes knocking on your door.

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