[Proposal] Minty Fresh - easily create and sell NFTs on your phone


Minty Fresh - easily create and sell NFTs on your phone


When you search for “nft minting” on the app store you don’t get any results. Go ahead and try, we’ll wait.

By having a nice native app to mint NFTs, Rarible could attract to the platform the biggest class of digital creators out there, social media stars and influencers.

Rarible users should be able to mint their NFTs directly from their phones in a smooth and easy manner. A couple of taps and hey, presto! User has her immortal collectible ready to sell and can share the Rarible link to buy directly to the social media of her choice.

NFTs created on Minty Fresh are minted via the Rarible API and show up on the user’s account on rarible.com and are sold exclusively on Rarible.

Minty Fresh will focus on simplicity to reduce friction in the minting process.

Business model

Minty Fresh will collect fees on the following point-of-sale cases in the Rarible platform:

  • When the NFT is sold originally, Minty Fresh gets 1% of the sale price

Funding Milestones and Payments

  • Milestone 1: User flow between all the screens of the app. Design of the app. Done in Figma. Deliverable: Figma design link including prototype
  • Milestone 2: Working with Rarible devs of creating a working link between the Rarible protocol and swift templates of the openAPI. Prepare the backend for the iOS developer. Splash screen and login with wallet ready. Deliverable: Testflight download with features listed in the milestone
  • Milestone 3: More features added to the Testflight. Create NFT, upload image/video, set NFT info (name, description, properties) Pay minting fee/gas fee, set royalty percentage, deliver NFT to rarible.com, “View your NFTs” gallery. Deliverable: Testflight download with features listed in the milestone
  • Milestone 4: Development of the iOS app. Iterations and back-and-forth. Push the app to the iOS app store. Deliverable: App store download with features listed in the milestones above

Total project time: 5-7 weeks after commencement of the project.

Each milestone will be inspected upon completion by the multisig holders to confirm the payments. Payment schedule:

  • Milestone 1: $5,000
  • Milestone 2: $10,000
  • Milestone 3: $10,000
  • Milestone 4: $10,000

Total payment: $35,000

Payment will be delivered to the following wallet:

ETH wallet: 0xf01e6A7aC4eB5C7b5DFa0B849AeA95987745a52c

Use of funds

Funds will be used to hire an iOS developer full time, a junior designer, QA expert for testing and a project manager for 5 hours/week for the duration of the project.

Team Members

  • Chris Seline, CEO - Linkedin. Chris is a serial tech entrepreneur who has founded 3 prior startups, 2 funded and one exit. He has 22 years of software development experience.
  • Ari Tomasson, COO - Linkedin. Ari has extensive experience in startup business development forming partnerships with blue chip tech and entertainment companies e.g. Google and NBC as well as running a software agency for the last 4 years.
  • Darri Ulfsson, Head of Product - Linkedin. Darri has a decade of experience designing multiple digital products of the highest quality showcasing world class level artists.
  • Black Math, Branding, strategy, product design & more. Black Math is a creative firm, self-proclaimed crypto enthusiasts. - blackmath.com

The contact person for this project will be Ari. Their contact information is ari@darkblock.io and their Discord handle is arito#6681.


Our team members will attend weekly community calls and dev calls, and provide updates on our milestones as we make progress. In the event that we can’t fulfil our commitment, funds will be returned to Rarible DAO. We will also work with community members to ensure updates are distributed through the Rarible communication channels.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

We believe that Minty Fresh will be the entry point for a big new class of NFT creators. Social media stars and influencers are used to create on their phone and leverage their creations for an income.

NFTs will be a nice new revenue stream for them that they can sell directly to their superfans and Rarible will be their home base.

Influencers are hurting right now due to loss of revenue connected to the Covid-19 virus and they will jump on the chance to broaden their revenue streams.

Useful Links & Media

Mockup of the app:


Great concept! With as finicky as creating nfts is on rarible from iOS device, this could be a home run! I myself have spent countless eth on broken image nfts on here, and would definitely be interested in this if it were to come to fruition! one small piece of constructive commentary, you should definitely jazz up your logo! The plain text and blah colored background don’t really scream creativity like your trying to promote with the nft market and with your very clever and catchy name. Just my .02$. Hope to see more on this development!!!
-soon to be user!


Thank you for your kind words.

We will definitely upgrade the brand when we get going :slight_smile:


While this idea will be loved by Rarible and will make plenty of money for the platform - the idea of knee-jerk ability to created NFTs for “the biggest class of digital creators out there, social media stars and influencers” - is slightly repulsive.

Without careful deliberation, whatever you put out there is not really a statement, it’s just incoherent babbling. Art is always a statement. An easy ability of “social media stars and influencers” to create NFTs of their babbling will ultimately dilute the status of digital art, which, in the long run, will be detrimental for art, digital art, NFTs and platforms such as Rarible.

I am the sole vote AGAINST - and that makes it a symbolic vote, but I feel this concept is a mistake.


I agree on that point. The functionality of the app seems very nice to me. The influencer part also i don’t like at all. Babbling to much babbling in this world today.


Hey guys,
Thank you for your great input and feedback. We really appreciate it!

We are 100% certain that eventually all created content will be NFTs.
What creator wouldn’t want an extra layer of verification and authenticity added to her art/image/poem/gif/meme/video/novel/collectable etc etc ?

By developing the Rarible protocol and make it open and accessible to build on, projects with different focus than rarible.com are inevitable and should be encouraged.

We at Minty Fresh are in constant dialog with the Rarible DAO and a part of that discussion should be that we find the best and most suitable home for the Minty Fresh created content so not to disrupt or devalue the existing artworks on rarible.com.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our focus and rest assured that we will find a solution that fit everybody’s needs.

All the best,


I dont understand why the RARI DAO should pay you to sell RARI coins in a weak market to make an app that will be across other NFT plaftorms and that you will profit from with a percentage of sales. Do it on your own dime, dont make the DAO pay for it in coins that you will sell on the market. Unless if the 1% will be going to the RARI DAO Treasury, the community shouldn’t pay for it.

PS: You proposal was already rejected by DAO, why are you trying to offer it for vote again when it already failed DAO vote without changing anything to it?

Hey PopePepe,

I understand your concerns and I hope I can clarify a bit for you.

Minty Fresh won’t be across other NFT platforms, only on Rarible.

DAO is paying for the development as it is the first iOS project to be on the Rarible protocol, we are doing a lot of work to figure out how that can be done already before funding and it will be open sourced so that other iOS projects can use our code and build on our work - a win/win.

Regarding proposing again - it was decided by the DAO admins to post again due to low voter turnout.

Hopefully this has answered your questions and concerns!

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Hi Ari,

This would all sound good… but you didn’t answer the 1% commission structure that goes to you on top of the currently high existing commission structure of 5% (a 20% increase in transaction fee). That’s the shady part imo that makes this project not suitable for funding by the the community.

Either get paid to build it by the community and remove that perpetuity tax, or do it at your own costs and then you can set up whatever commission you want?

imo, it is totally fine for projects / apps to have fees within their app. Note: the app fees will be separate from the rarible transaction fee. Rarible fee of 5% only applies to our marketplace, other apps on the protocol don’t have this fee.

It is also fine for the DAO to fund this development effort as a grant. The DAO and RARI token holders benefit with more teams building apps.

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Since the proposal now passed, but with lesser total rari voter turnout than the first time it got rejected, will the proposal be disqualified?
( cf: “it was decided by the DAO admins to post again due to low voter turnout”).

The reason why the proposal was posted again was because a single voter flipped the vote in the last 30 minutes of the last proposal…

The second vote is final.

It is then fraudulent to call this a DAO, you unilaterally pulled out an independent community snaphshot vote that was deciding to stop funding random projects like this and then decide to pass on projects again and again as you like. I m done with Rarible, your project is not serious. Your hijacking of the DAO and Rari distribution is more harmful to Rari than all wash traders combined. Look at Rari market, nobody believes in your competence in doing what is best for the Rarible project anymore. Total scam.


@PopePepe, we are not decentralized yet.

The hope is to become decentralized as soon as possible. For the time being, yes, I am the gatekeeper.

I think NO on this project:
My background is in technology and business. I do not think doing this is good deal for RARIBLE in the long run. It is really good deal for the MINTY APP, and have no issues about the app in general, but not good for us.

  1. I like the APP and concept of the APP, but not under a 3rd party name or controlled by a 3rd party!
  2. I think we need to make our own Phone APP to make it easier to purchase, show off purchases, and trade at RARIBLE, not create NFT.
  3. The real winner in the deal is the MINTY APP, they will get our influence, access to control our database and recognition. Then use it to add more NFT marketplaces. Which in the long run will reduce RARIBLE as one of the top NFT market places, instead it will become another NFT of Minty. If they become the primary access to Rarible, they can eventually indirectly control Rarible all together. We are giving these guys the keys to the Rarible kingdom and paying them to take it.
  4. We should consider creating our own labeled phone app for iPhone and Android that is from RARIBLE to make it easier to purchase, trade, and show off NFT purchases with others. The App should be controlled by Rarible 100 percent with the focus of making it easier for buyers to connect to sellers.

:100:% love love love your train of thought! We need to keep rarible, rarible exclusively!