[Proposal] My proposal to contribute to the DAO (Around: Ecosystem Communications)


The Rarible ecosystem is growing. The DAO needs support with content creation and communication on protocol and ecosystem development. This is key to attracting and retaining NFT innovators. I would like to offer my services to the Rarible DAO to help fill this gap.

Problem / Opportunity

The Rarible DAO is becoming the go-to place for creatives in the NFT space: for both artists and builders (tech). Many cool projects are being developed in the Rarible ecosystem. However, these projects are only visible to people who spend time in the community, join calls etc. In order to attract and retain creatives and innovators, communication and education are key. The DAO is looking for contributors, including support with content creation and communication around protocol and ecosystem developments (also closely tied to marketing/growth). I would like to offer my services to the DAO in these areas. (And work alongside other DAO contributors such as Eric and Mark)

I believe I could support the DAO with the following areas (subject to change):

*Develop and share some general communications (ie Newsletter, Twitter).

  • Develop Topic/Project-specific assets. These could include Blog posts/Essays, Visuals (i.e overview of existing projects), and more. (See similar content I created in the past, in “My Background” section)
  • Support in other areas (depending on needs/time and interests)

For “Topic/Project specific assets”, some potential themes I would like to explore:

Why build on top of the Rarible protocol?
What is the mission/vision of the Rarible DAO?
What is [Project x building on top of Rarible protocol]? What do they do, what is their vision, how does it work?
How does Rarible fit into the overarching NFT ecosystem?
How does Rarible compare to other NFT protocols?
What is [Feature x] and what does it mean for the future of NFTs?
What does the future of the Rarible ecosystem look like?
What is the future of Media? How will we get there?

I will reuse existing materials, attend weekly meetings, connect with the team, and research the broader space. For content around core topics, I will organize working sessions with interested community members to capture and reflect the voice of the community/DAO. (for example: for the vision/mission). For larger assets, prioritization will be discussed with other DAO contributors.

My contribution to the DAO will have several benefits:

  1. Help raise awareness about the DAO and ecosystem. Showcase what is being built, and how we are a hub for NFT innovation. This will help attract more builders who are interested in shaping the future of NFTs on top of the Rarible protocol.
  2. Onboard people to the space and get them excited about NFTs & the Rarible DAO through education.
  3. Putting thoughts on paper, making connections and performing market research can lead to new insights and to the identification of trends/gaps. These findings can help inform future project/protocol/dao developments.

My Background:

I (Max Hatesuer) have been covering projects/topics in the Web 3 space for over a year. You can find my articles and videos on Tokemy.com. I am also currently a Fellow (Block 3) at Kernel. I am excited by the developments in the Rarible ecosystem and would like to help spread the word.

Contact information:
Discord handle is @ Max_H | Tokemy#8511

Funding Milestones and Payments

I propose to start working for 8-10 hours per week at a rate of 1670$ per month. These funds will be used to pay myself. I suggest starting for 1 month at this rate to best assess the time/resource needed for the different activities. I ask to revise this number if my time commitment and/or role change.

Payments will be made to the following Ethereum address: 0x25867DA2D08aDF02017fA3f20A64dFCB7238140e

I consider myself an independent contractor of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 or other applicable forms will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to me.


I will attend weekly community calls, and provide updates on milestones as I make progress. In the event that I can’t fulfill my commitment, funds will be returned to Rarible DAO.


Max is a great contributor to this community and I see his skill/talent really benefiting the DAO. I support this!

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