[Proposal] NFP (Non-Fungible People)


NFP (Non-Fungible People) is a platform that will allow people to mint Twitter verified NFTs that will have 3D artwork generated based on their profile, therefore representing themselves or their brand. With this, Social Media Figures will have a new avenue to monetize their brand and an opportunity for people to invest in high potential individuals.


The recent boom in NFT technology brought to light the immense opportunities that can be explored. We have witnessed the use of NFTs for 3D art, music, tweets, real estate, etc, however, we haven’t seen NFTs used in any way related to personal branding.

We are building a platform where for two months users will be able to mint twitter verified NFTs using their twitter account. The NFTs will consist of a 3D animation artwork generated based primarily on their profile picture and handle, and will include random elements based on other metrics such as follower count. Up to 5 NFTs can be minted by profile with each NFT being part of a different tier, the first of them totally free. Higher tiers will become more expensive but also will have more complex animations. Below we present the first iteration of a mid tier NFP made by ManWithNoName which is our 3D animation NFT artist. You can see some early iterations of our concept in the following link: https://manwithnoname.space/nfp/preview.html.

With our concept we keep each person’s NFPs as unique while buyers can quickly identify who an NFT belongs to in a marketplace. Furthermore, inspired by Rarible’s original idea of unlockable content we can create another pathway for Social media figures to interact in an exclusive way with their most loyal followers, opening a lot of possibilities on how to further monetize their brand in the future. They will also receive secondary market sales royalties due to the speculation around them/their brand. Current NFT projects mostly target Artists/Creators, however, we got a step further and use NFTs to empower ANYONE whether they are influencers, Writers, Traders, Scientists, Sportists, thought leaders, upcoming figures, etc.

Since its foundation we have seen a relentless development in the Rarible ecosystem which has clearly become a leader in the NFT field. This is even more clear with the recent protocol update that allows to implement Lazy minting (gasless minting) and deal with royalties at the protocol level. Looking at all this it becomes clear to us that integrating as much as possible with the Rarible Ecosystem will drastically reduce user friction. We intend to integrate both the Lazy minting and royalties solution with our custom ERC721 smart contract, while providing the users with tutorials on how to use the Rarible marketplace for buying, selling and even top up their crypto wallets directly with FIAT.

In our view this will create a great user experience. Anyone will be able to create their own NFTs, especially the free tier 1, without worry about having a pre-funded ethereum wallet or risking the erratic cost of the ETH network transaction fees. Moreover, by using Rarible’s Lazy minting this will ensure Rarible to be the marketplace for the 1st sale of the NFP, both providing the user a direct path to a marketplace while bringing new traffic and awareness to the Rarible Ecosystem.


In order to frame the positioning of NFP in the wide NFT space we compare our project with others such as Meebits (same creators of CryptoPunks), Hashmasks and CryptoTrunks.

Meebits is the closest project that uses a 3D concept, however, their goal is to be used as your own personal avatar in the metaverse and a character with which you can easily set up 3D animations. In the case of the Hashmasks they are iconic for their pre-generated 2D artwork to be cured in collections that can represent a narrative due to the interactions (similar traits) they possess. The CryptoTrunks have innovated on the art generation concept by using your wallet information as a seed to combine different pre-established traits in a final “Trunk”.

In the case of the NFPs our goal is to take the concept of generative art a step further by fetching social media data to customize a 3D animation representing the creator person/brand itself. As an added value to the NFPs we intend to add unlockable content related to the brand of the Social Media figure.

Some might look at our project and wonder also how we compare with Mintgate. Mintgate has been developing a very interesting concept: using tokens as a gate to content. This concept is indeed something that we also want to implement in our NFTs, however, our goal is not to create a competitor technology to Mintgate, but instead leverage their work to empower our concept.

Funding proposal

We aim to be granted funding in order to develop the first version of out platform with the following features:

  • Development of costum ERC-721 smart contract integrated with Rarible’s Lazy minting and royalty distribution protocol
  • Website development where users will be able to verify themselves using twitter and generate the desired NFPs tiers
  • Integrate with Mintgate to allow for simple content to be unlockable by owning an NFP
  • Allow users to view their owned NFPs in their gallery in our platform and view the locked content
  • Development of cloud infrastructure allowing for the NFPs rendering in real-time. This consists of a network of servers that will run the artwork generation script in order to generate the NFT artwork. Each rendering takes between 30s-2minutes (depending on the animation complexity) and therefore we need multiple cloud servers running in parallel to be able to scale with demand and avoid the users waiting too long for their artwork to show up.

Milestones & payments:

  • Milestone 1: Proof of concept: custom generated 3D animated NFP with different twitter accounts as input. Includes alpha version of the cloud service. Value: $5k. Deliv. date:5 June.
  • Milestone 2: Costum ERC-721 smart contract integrated with Rarible Lazy Minting and Royalty protocol that can implement the proof of concept. Deliverable: being able to mint on the POC, available to view on rarible.com. Value $10k. Deliv. date: 12June.
  • Milestone 3: Final 3D animations scripts for the different NFP tiers. Deliverable: 5 scripts / demonstration of animations.Value $5k. Deliv. date: 12 June.
  • Milestone 4: Working website that implements the front end for twitter verification and NFP creation. Value $10k. Deliv. date: 19 June.
  • Milestone 5: Basic unlockable content feature added to the website implemented using Mintgate. Value $5k. Deliv. date: 26 June.
  • Milestone 6: Developer documentation on how we integrated the Rarible protocol with our own custom smart contract. Value $5k. Deliv. date: 26 June.

Total payment: $40.000.

Payments will be made to the following multi-sign Ethereum address: 0xF688F9407a7F993A653f5565C4c9b92635E38811

The key contact persons are Ptero#8037 and Guifel#7610 on discord, or at our email: verifynfpeople@gmail.com.

We consider ourselves independent contractors of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to our team.

Team members

Jose Rui Silva, PhD Candidate on Space Instrumentation


Guifel, Blockchain developer at Reflexer Labs

Daniel Moreira, Marketing & Communication Manager



ManWithNoName, NFT artist


To ensure team accountability we intend to participate in the weekly community calls and give weekly status updates of the project development.

The Future

After the launch of our product we intend to keep working on other ways for the NFP’s creators to monetize their brand. One of our potential visions is improving on the unlockable content so that our platform can become a way for the NFP creator to interact in a more exclusive way with the NFPs holder. Imagine a private vault with content managed by the creators and only accessible by the NFPs holders. As an example, imagine as a buyer being able once a week to hop on a 1 hour call with your idol, or having access to some traders’ alpha leaks, being able to pick the brain of your favorite writer or the process of your favorite artist. Other ways of monetizing their brands will also be researched, maybe new collections or other future concepts.

After this first collection we intend to create a token to power a DAO that would be able to decide the future direction of the project or share in a part of the project future revenue (staking), in which we would like to give the Rarible DAO a special place.

In the longer term we envision the possibility to extend our core concept beyond twitter and into other platforms, especially instagram and TikTok, and even the creation of an easy to use mobile app allowing anyone to do all of this from the comfort of their phones.

Why Fund This?

Our project shows an innovative use case for the NFT technology. Moreover, by integrating with the rarible ecosystem we ensure this to become the marketplace to go for the NFTs created and therefore bring in traffic that will foster ecosystem growth.

A deck of the project can also be found in: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1VcCvrseEI7JKjclhqWMyFLFVLUucq2o8xvX1T9H5hDI/edit?usp=sharing


This is HUGE!! Great proposal

:stuck_out_tongue: nice one, looking forward to this

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Gonna make some influencer contacts of mine aware of this upcoming platform. Cool stuff! :muscle:

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Time to vote!

The proposal is live on Snapshot:

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I don’t see the difference with NFT. You can already make generative art with NFT, so why build a completely new platform based on the same principle ?

Hello there :slight_smile: thank you for your question!

NFP brings a new concept to the generative art where we mix not only art itself (in this case 3D animations, which are much more complex to implement in generative art than 2D images) but also the personality and identity of those that create their own NFPs through verification of their social accounts (for now only twitter).

Our vision is that this wont be simply another generative artwork project but another path for Social Media Figures to monetize their brand, since the NFP will have their identity, a platform for their fans to interact in an exclusive way with their idols (this can be writers, athletes, traders, artists, etc), and a proxy to invest in high potential individuals.

Hello everybody, we would like to share some exciting developments regarding our proposal.
A few weeks ago we submitted the proof of concept (Milestone 1), you can find the report in the following link:

Last week we have implemented our own ERC-721, based on rarible’s. Using this as our own collection we were able to lazy mint our first NFP directly to Rarible website on the rinkeby network!
This represents our milestone 2, you can find here our report:

We already have the final animations for the NFPs done and are currently finishing the preview, that is part of the milestone 3.

Regarding the rest of the milestones we are facing some delays mainly due to the difficulty of finding a web3 dev. We will update the community as we keep delivering

Thank you all for the support so far!

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