Proposal: NFT Gallery & Storefront Generator (Rodeo)


Howdy there! Rodeo was a hackathon project which participated in the NFT Hack during March 2021, which won an award from Protocol Labs. Below are some links to our project:



Rodeo is a dead-simple solution to quickly spin up NFT gallery sites that can be launched on your own domain and deployed to IPFS, Netlify, AWS, and more. It’s built in a similar fashion to Ghost, the popular CMS—with expansion, customization, and themeability at its core.

The opportunity:

We believe that creators, collectors, and curators deserve a fitting home for the assets they own, are promoting, or selling. They should be empowered to create a showcase for NFTs that best fits their intention and aesthetic, without having to rely on centralized services to do so.

We see a specific opportunity to work with Rarible to enable Rodeo-powered sites to have storefront functionality. This would be directly similar to how entrepreneurs can use Shopify to easily build e-commerce into their websites. This could have an immediate impact on projects building with the Rarible protocol, giving them a storefront to call their own with simple tools to enable its management.

Our proposal:

  • Integrate the new Rarible protocol as an option available directly from within Rodeo to enable storefronts
  • Add a UI admin interface, expanding beyond just CLI
  • Finalize theming architecture and build out a core set of themes, including documentation on how to build custom themes.
  • Enable multiple wallets to have their contents displayed on a single site

Funding amount and use of funds:

1,500 $RARI delivered to a Multisig. Representatives from the Rarible DAO will also be a signatory in the Multisig schema.

We would like to eventually transition this into a DAO where a community can form around development and feature requests. Should this be our eventual direction, we’d like to see the Rarible DAO benefit and would contribute tokens back to it in exchange for this consideration.

Use of funds:

  • Base functionality will be funded more directly to continue core development—this includes support for multiple wallet addresses, a UI-based admin panel, and more themeability
  • Integration of the Rarible Protocol
  • New features may be voted on by the Rarible DAO (eventually the Rodeo DAO) and added as the community sees fit
  • Hosting services where necessary


At least one core contributor will attend weekly Rarible governance calls and give updates as we move forward with delivering our milestones. We will also work with the Rarible team as needed for the integration.

Currently core contributors include Ian Hunter and Matt Galligan

Why fund this?

Funding would supercharge Rodeo’s effort—graduating from a well-documented and executed hackathon project to a one that could easily contribute to the growth of the NFT space.

The funding would will allow anyone to quickly and easily build galleries and storefronts on the protocol, which should accelerate ecosystem growth, ultimately benefitting RARI holders. In exchange for this financial support of our project, Rarible DAO will be one of the recipients of our tokens if we ever go down this path.


Video of our ETHGlobal Hackathon Pitch

Some Screenshots:


Here is a tweetstorm that I (Matt Galligan) posted during the hackathon where we built Rodeo:


Also, very happy to answer any questions someone may have!

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