[PROPOSAL] Ownerfy App / Rarible Protocol Marketplace and Discovery Integration


Hello Rarible community! We would like your help. Back in 2018 we made the first phone app that allowed people to make NFTs Recently our app has exploded in popularity. We went from 1 install a month in 2018 to 400+ installs a day and 10,000+ installs in March 2021. We’re also the #1 search result for NFT and NFTs in the Apple store and #3 in Android. Although popular we still don’t have much money and a very small team. Due to the limitations of the Apple store we’re not allowed to have a direct marketplace between users. To solve this we implemented the OpensSea API to give our users somewhere to sell. The problem with OpenSea is it’s very expensive and has a lot of limitations. Instead want to allow our users to conduct all marketplace transactions through the Rarible protocol. In addition we will display Rarible Protocol NFTs in public search in the app. Doing this will drive thousands of users to the Rarible protocol each month and gain exposure for Rarible user NFTs.

The problem

Our users want cheaper and better market functionality.

Funding Requested


ETH Address: 0x6c474099ad6d9Af49201a38b9842111d4ACd10BC

How the funds will be used

85% Development (2 Developers)
15% Marketing (Press Release and Paid Advertisement)


Because we have a unique situation of having our own smart contracts we will be a test case for integrating existing NFT smart contracts specifically ERC1155 into the Rarible protocol utilizing order discovery, order matching, buy orders, sell orders, asset discovery, royalties features. We will document the entire process and work closely with the community to ensure that other minting platforms will be able to successfully and smoothly integrate with the Rarible protocol.


1 - 1.5 Months. NFTs in the app will be sellable, buyable and discoverable on the Rarible protocol.


Nicholas Juntilla, Software Engineer, CEO

Chris Seckler, Software Engineer, CTO

Masha Edelen, Software Engineer, Product Design, CFO

Submitted by

Nicholas Juntilla @Nick - Ownerfy#8137

Accountability: Nick J will attend community meetings and give status and progress updates as well as be in communication with his Rarible via the development channel and team contact, Eric Aresenault. Upon completion he will deliver an integration document outlining the process, feedback, and details.


App Link


Update: We will devote 100% of resources to development.

Funding Requested can be split into 2 payments, initial and upon completion.

Updated Funding Amount: $20,000

I am in 100% support of this proposal. The Ownerfy team is very smart and highly capable of delivering on this value. Well done.

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