[PROPOSAL] RARI rewards for MintGate

This is a proposal requesting that MintGate be whitelisted in order to receive a share of the RARI rewards based on the sales volume or fees generated by our application.

MintGate would retain 50% of rewards and use 50% to reward users/creators that generate token gated links on our platform. The amount of rewards paid out to creators would be largely based on the total amount of Rari we generate through our sales volume or fees.

In order to promote higher quality token gated links and prevent users from creating/spamming random gated links simply to receive rewards, we would base the amount creators receive on the traffic these links generate which we’re currently tracking. New clicks on gated links would be calculated and paid out bi-weekly or monthly.

In further rewarding token gating on MintGate, we aim to increase the value of NFTs minted through our platform with additional utility. Creators can sell NFTs for profit and residual income through royalties. Offering unlockable or gated media content to holders of this NFT allows buyers to speculate on the value of the creator’s content and future growth, which incentivizes reselling of the NFT as they continue to produce higher quality content.

Rewarding these creators in Rari based on new clicks further incentivizes creators to produce high quality content and share these links through their own social networks. It also provides us a new metric to assess the success of creators generating and sharing token gated links on the platform through amount of Rari paid out.

If this proves to be successful in incentivizing further creation and sharing of token gated links, amounts paid out to creators would be increased with MintGate retaining less of the rewards in order optimize for faster growth of the platform through creators’ networks.

Of the amount MintGate would retain, 50% listed above, half would be held in our Gnosis wallet for voting on proposals with the other half being set aside to provide liquidity or possible liquidation if needed.

We consider ourselves independent contractors and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to our team.

We understand that the RARI rewards are intended to reward real sales volume and will take steps along with Rarible DAO to ensure only real sales are rewarded.

We also understand that rewards may not be 100% accurate and will work with members of the DAO to solve any issues during this process.

Where funds should be sent: