Proposal to swap some RARI for DAI in Rarible DAO

Rarible DAO will eventual need to manage its treasury effectively to maximize returns (under our preferred risk tolerance).

Although we are super early, I do think we should have some amount of stablecoin in our DAO treasury. I’m proposing we convert ~$200K USD equivalent of RARI to DAI in order to pay proposers in a more stable currency.

Right now, proposers are asked to submit proposals in USD, so this will make payment a bit easier and proposers less likely to be affected by price swings.



I like the concept of DAI. So i would say yes :smiley:


I’d be interested in this as well.

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should we consider also having some part of the treasury in ETH ?

I think any sort of diversification of the Treasury is a positive development.

What are your thoughts on the mechanics? $200k market sell will be very time consuming and manual given limited liquidity for RARI and desire to not move the price too much. So OTC might be a better avenue for this if there’s known demand.

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Interesting proposal to swap RARI for DAI. :grin:

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+1, this makes sense long term and is a first step towards a rigorous portfolio diversification strategy.

Comment done as member of Brain Trust DAO