Proposal: Token Protected Unlockable Content

Rarible <> MintGate Protocol Partnership

Vote link:

Authors: Luis Egea, Jonathan Dunlap


New Features through collaboration


MintGate is exploring ways to mint NFTs with royalties for users to then use with their in-house Token Protected Pages (TPP) system. This system allows users to gate any online content from external platforms so it’s only accessible to token holders giving the NFT functional value.

Rarible has a robust platform for minting NFTs with royalties and selling them on the market. However, these NFTs have limited or no functionality for holders, making their inherent value highly subjective. Adding utility to these NFTs gives them consistent and permanent value in any market.


MintGate will integrate the Rarible Protocol for NFT minting on the platform by brands and business partners defaulting to using Rarible’s existing infrastructure for the chains that Rarible protocol supports.

MintGate will build a link unlock “widget” component built to the specifications the Rarible team would need to easily drop it into Rarible’s existing platform to allow users to create token protected links, gating any online content using Rarible’s token or any NFT. This widget can also be used by any partner using the Rarible Protocol to enable creating token unlockable content!

Changes and Additions to Public Interfaces


  • Integrate the Rarible Protocol directly to MintGate’s backend for minting of tokens through Rarible Protocol as well as update the frontend interface for the minting user-flow.

Rarible Protocol:

  • Add a new protocol method to define unlockable content that’ll use MintGate’s Token Protected Pages protocol. Some small royalty would be added to the link to fund the TPP technology.

  • MintGate would create a simple widget (and API) to Rarible(.com) to integrate that would allow users to specify a token protected link (and in the future, uploading of unlockable content). This widget/API would be available to any partner using the Rarible Protocol too.


We currently have no platform token as we’re still building MintGate to provide the most value possible to our community before launching one.

However, we would like to cultivate a long-term partnership and collaboration with Rarible DAO and protocol and keep our interests aligned as much as possible. To that end, we are able to offer a percentage of tokens delivered at time of token distribution equal to the amount of investment received in funding in this proposal. E.g.

1% of total token supply distributed = $100k investment

2% of total token supply distributed = $200k investment



Integration of Rarible protocol minting on MintGate and development of token gating widget for Rarible to integrate when able should take 3 weeks to complete.