Question about the possibilities of NFTs - Interactive NFTs

Hello everyone, I have posted a few times within the Rarible discussion boards, though I am still new here. I am a traditional artist aspiring to create card games and comic books, I have been working tirelessly on a few projects and hope to bring them into the world very soon for everyone to enjoy. I am very interested in nature, particularly insects and space, though I will draw/learn just about anything that interests me. I am looking forward to meeting and interacting with you all!

I come to you today with a question that I am uncertain of where to find the answer to. I hope I can receive some insight and some discussion on the topic.

I have been wondering about the technical possibilities of NFTs and would like to discuss a thought that I had recently. Instead of creating a video file or GIF to display multiple images, will there ever be a way to display a loop of images through clicking an NFT file? For instance, lets say I made a trading card NFT or other collectible that would have a front image and a back image. I am wondering if it would ever be possible to add two images to an NFT, that when a user clicks on the image it would cycle through those two images, front/back/front/back and so on. I am very interested in the possibilities and the future of NFTs, surely they are limitless with enough creativity and effort.


Hi @soor I’m unsure on the answer to your specific question. There are of course work around with having it be a gif/mp4 and having it flip as part of the animation. There certainly are card game NFTs, but to my knowledge none are where you click on the NFT to flip. In fact I think the card back is generally a separate NFT that if you own it, your cards will be displayed with it in the game. You can check out Gods Unchained (ETH based, magic the gathering like) or (XLM based, fast simple card game) for two examples of some large NFT card games.

Here’s some Gods Unchained cards

And here are Litemint

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Thank you for the quick response @Hellbentaphid this was very helpful! The Gods Unchained game looks great, it also makes me wonder why Blizzard hasn’t made NFTs of Hearthstone cards yet.