Questions about creating ERC721 collections on Rarible

Is a new Collection created on Rarible a ERC721 contract at a new Ethereum address?

If I want to create an NFT in that collection after the collection has been created, how would I do it? On the Create Single Token page, there’s on option to use the Rarible collection, or create a new one. I don’t see an option to create a new token in an existing collection other than Rarible.


I’m not sure what you may mean by the first question, could you elaborate?

For your second question(S): In order to use another collection other than the Rarible collection, you must create your own collection (ERC-721 or ERC-1155). You cannot use an existing collection made by another creator, you have to create your own. You create it by selecting the “Create ERC-721/ERC-1155”
Please review the video below as a guide for how to create a custom collection:
How to Create a Custome NFT Collection (Rarible)

The video you sent did answer my main questions. As for the first question, “Is a new Collection created on Rarible a ERC721 contract at a new Ethereum address?”, I’m not sure how to elaborate. I’ll try: when you create a new collection, I THINK it’s an Ethereum “smart contract” programmed in Solidity which resides on the Ethereum blockchain at a particular address, distinct from the contract address of the default Rarible collection. I’m just trying to get confirmation of that.

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Oh, thanks for clarifying to me. This helps a lot.
Yes, it’s a unique contract to you falling into its own contract address on the Ethereum blockchain. This is also why it’s so valuable.
Let’s say something happens to Rarible and the Rarible Collections are difficult to get now(for some reason), the custom ERC contracts should have their own addresses and be unharmed.

Thanks for the info. Another question. ERC-721 doesn’t contain provisions for royalties to creators, but Rarible does. Does Rarible handle royalties only as a function of Rarible’s marketplace functionality, or is it somehow represented in Rarible’s contracts, such that OpenSea could also respect the royalties specified when creating an NFT on Rarible? For example, does it implement the EIP-2981 proposal for royalties, or does it do something different, analogous to Zora’s royalty handling?

Custom ERC-721 and custom ERC-1155 tokens have provisions for royalties for creators just like with Rarible Collection.

When you want to make something a part of your collection(s), you click on the collection you custom created just like you do with Rarible and you fill out the information just like you would if you filled it out with Rarible. So there is royalties involved.