Quick Guide to Getting Verified

Ok, so they haven’t verified you yet - it’s not the end of the world and you can still make sales, right? (oh yes, you can!)

Still worried? Here are some handy tips for making the verification process more assured:


Ensure your Rarible profile (not this forum one) is complete with icon (400x400px), cover image (1440x260px) and bio text.

Make sure you have linked your Twitter profile.

Make sure you have linked your personal site/portfolio (could be Instagram, Behance, Artstation, etc.).

Mint at least a couple of NFTs, so it looks like you’re committed. Gas is low right now (April 29th) - you don’t know how lucky you are!


Don’t worry about posting on this forum - this makes no difference (creators who have not even visited here are still being verified). Use Twitter (@rariblecom) and Discord (link below) to be noticed by the people that matter.

Don’t buy NFTs purely for this cause - it makes no difference to verification.

Don’t constantly hassle the support team for verification updates - an email will be sent to you either way.


Get a small following on Twitter - you don’t need thousands. Just use #NFT related hashtags with your posts, follow lots of NFT people, retweet and like lots of NFT posts - the followers will come quickly.

Make sure your best artwork is at the top of your social and web presences.

Make sure your profile image is consistent throughout your web presences.

Ask yourself, are you an artist?

A creator of new and wondrous collectible digital items?

Do you feel your overall online presence is consistent enough for new sets of eyes to quickly evaluate you and your creations?

If yes, you should be verified in a couple of weeks.

If they’re unsure about you it will probably take a month or two.

If they don’t believe that you are who you say you are, expect a rejection email!

For rejection reasons, or if you get TOO impatient, get involved in the Rarible Discord channel (I’ve seen users get their verification fast-tracked here!)


Hello ,
Your info was great. That’s for the love to the homies up in here. This was great info to know and a good read.

Your cool kid club member,


AWESOME info!! Hopefully everyone who has questions about this searches and discovers this thread!


Thank you for these tips which I will follow.


I never thought about following a ton of NFT profiles on twitter. Good shout. I think I’ll start tagging them in my instagram posts too! haha


I have a following… It’s been three months and I’m still not verified. I’ve already sold NFT’s on Foundation.app but Rarible refuses to verify my account.


What ended up working for me…
I waited A LONG TIME, finally got denied. I received an email. In the email it said to click a link or submit an email, I can’t remember which, to resubmit my request. I did, and when I woke up in the morning I was verified. Just my experience, I’m sure everyone’s experience may vary!
Just wanted to share!


Hello @Unnamed,
I hope so because today makes it 1 month for me but i know that they are slammed. I can stop looking at my email. It’s like i’m back in high school kid waiting for the girl to call…Ha!

Your cool kids club member,


I got my denial about 1.5-2 months of waiting! I’ll put all my positive energy and thoughts your way! You will get it, just be patient, trust me lol


I up this thread for @raandsa

You’ll find many useful informations here. Read the first post!

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Is it mandatory to have a twitter account? Since i’m already spending too much time on my existing social networks, i don’t feel an urge to create a new account and starting it from scratch.

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It is heavily recommended as you can share the Rarible tweet there which eases the verification.

I do not use Twitter so much also so you can leave it sleeping after.


I’ve been here a week and got verified in one day! I don’t think it was my art, it’s not bad, but I think it had more to do with what I had to say when submitting my Verification request. So, remember that could make a big difference if you have a compelling story!

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