Rarible ambassador program

As Rarible follows the idea of a DAO and wants to establish a Governance Model, we (https://t.me/raribleambassados) are proposing to start Rarible Ambassador Program with two initial types of Ambassadors.


Explainatorial Content is important in mutlible forms such as Text, Video and Audio. Content Providers should help to grow the ecosystem by providing essential tutorials and help to a wider audience. The main target would be that the contet they produce helps to board on further artists and collectors. As a rewards Content Ambassadors should get X amout of $RARI (T.B.D) for an article written or piece of contet provided and the reach that piece of content is generating (likes on medium, views on youtube, etc. (TBD). Content Ambassadors should have as well a custom link which allows to be identified that they have been bringing a new artist and they should get rewarded for this as well if they board on fully with Rarible (details TBD)


Liquidity is important for a healthy market and community. Without liquidity we are to vonurable against slippage. Providing liquidity carries as well risks, but it is necessary so I would suggest to incetivize the community for providing liquidity on Uniswap by rewardig them with tokens! Something like x% for continious liquidityprovidig at a minimum period of x days.

further discussions please follow https://t.me/raribleambassados



I’d love to hear more about the content ambassador role.

I’m a musician, artist and writer and just recently became engrossed in the idea of releasing a record as a limited ed. NFT. I think the tech is amazing and I’m currently exploring how I’m going to do that.

I would be most interested in learning more about Rari and becoming an ambassador.

Feel free to get in touch.

All the best,


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