Rarible Ambassador(Team) Program


The description of the resource allocation structure of the DAO community includes an allocation of a part of the funds for funding ambassadors. For my team, this sounded like an exciting opportunity to contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

We want many people to be able to build teams and invite new artists to the platform. This will be a new structure in DAO Rarible.

Problem / Opportunity:
The community does not have a function to encourage teams that attract vivid personalities to release their collections on Rarible, but not on other sites.

Main stages of financing and payments

  1. Pay N number of tokens for each attracted collector provided that a team or a person, with which the cooperation was carried out, is indicated when exhibiting an art object on the platform.

  2. Then the team sends to the community group a report on the work performed together with the collector to show what stages and costs were incurred by both parties: the collector and the team.

  3. Total payment: $USD, complete upon delivery of phases. The first milestone should have a maximum amount of funding of $X. Each subsequent deliverable should have a maximum amount of $Y to ensure teams are held accountable.

HOWEVER: the main decision remains with the members of the DAO community.

An example of our work: At the current stage, our team attracted a collector: MAXIM, www.maximart.co.uk; 0x0d3a3c78d434f127f490b612bdc2c56e5cb7bdf1

Using funds:
The funds will be spent on attracting people with a dominant name from different fields: actors, artists, singers, and athletes, as well as for full support before creating their collection on the Rarible platform.

About our team members:
· Danila Vinogradov: I am from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, who actively participates in the life of the Rarible community. I was engaged in the promotion of projects, namely, started with a simple campaign and ended up with the introduction of new functions and technologies in scientific laboratories. I have been engaged in the creation and development of projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

· Valerie Lavrova, MA, contemporary art specialist and private art consultant. She is a current Christie’s client liaison specialist, previously working for Sotheby’s and other renowned art institutions (art galleries, fairs and art start ups). Valerie helps art collectors worldwide source and acquire art and has an extensive experience in art advising and assisting in diversifying art investment portfolios.

Our project will attend weekly community calls, and provide updates on our milestones as we make progress. If we can’t fulfill our commitment, funds will be returned to Rarible DAO. We will also work with community members to ensure updates are distributed through the Rarible communication channels.

How we plan to serve the Rarible DAO:
Our active involvement in digital art yields good results. We want to connect the Rarible platform with popular artists, musicians, and athletes, i.e. to attract and accompany them before their collections are released on the platform.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

· The Rarible platform is actively popularized, which gives a great advantage over other digital trading platforms.

· Drawing of attention from new development teams that want to take part in expanding the scale of Rarible.

· Having our own team to attract cool NFT creators is awesome !!!

· We want to be an example for other teams like ours.

Ultimate mission:
Our goal is to help build a diverse ecosystem with Eric and other DAO members. This promotes the development of an authentic and emerging culture that can be based on the Rarible platform. After approval, we are ready to start the trial period.

Discord: DANILA#9864
Email: vinogradov.do@phystech.edu
Telegram: @Vin_danila


A very interesting proposal with the correct presentation of the main idea and a description of all aspects of the issue. I think this is a very hot topic, I hope the community will approve of this proposal. After all, if you think about it, inviting famous media personalities will greatly help in promoting Raribe


Thank you! We will continue to attract more!

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What does success look like for this proposal? Who are the artists/creators who might on your initial outreach list?

  1. Is N number of tokens variable based on the social status of the collector or would it be a flat rate? If the amount of tokens is variable how do you plan on placing a value on collectors?

  2. What costs outside of gas and art do you anticipate the collectors incurring? Will the granted funding be used to cover these costs?

  3. Are the subsequent deliverables new collectors after the first. Or would there be deliverables after the collection has been curated?

Is there a plan to attract to collectors? Would the funds be used to pay them to have a collection on the platform?

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If we accept this proposal, then there will be an incentive to bring more artists to our platform. We created this proposal to raise funding for new teams like ours. We are trying to get in touch with famous people, etc. to lure them into the NFT.

Initially, we wanted to create such a function in the distribution of community funds. And then the teams would submit an application for bonuses for the work done. So, we’ll all decide together how much to allocate. Most likely, the payment will be fixed, including for gas.

Do you think it is possible to put this proposal to the vote on implementation?

I think you’ll need to provide a $ amount you’re looking for up front in order for it to be posted on snapshot; it seems pretty ambiguous without it. Maybe you could start putting some of these things in motion then submit a proposal for compensation after some of these personalities have started their collections? Or after they have shown interest in starting a collection?


Therefore, we did not write specific numbers so that everyone could discuss how payments will be made. I think that the request from the team will be after someone creates their collection. Vote how much the community is willing to give for such an artist. What do you think?

We can still create conditions for collections to get to the best auctions. This is a big advantage!

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