**Rarible Analytics** — Optimize your gas fees

Hey there!

I just wanted to share with you a small creation I made. At the beginning, I created this, for me, in order to identify trends of gas fees. When it’s the lower, which day, which hour in order to find the best moment to mint. After a first version, I decided to give anyone a free access.

I create my own database, so there is few datas for now, but it will be more and more precise over the days.

You can check this little application here : https://rarible.illuday.com

I’m making regular update to add new features and improve the existing one.

Hope you’ll enjoy it and that it be useful.


This is great! And in my timezone as well, which i s very helpful. Bookmarked.

So is this like a rolling average of past gas fees that you update as time goes by? Or is it the price for the past week?



Yes, I save gas fees every 5 minutes, and I’m making an average of all my datas. I’ll probably make charts of weeks, months etc. But for now I need more datas. To summarize, in the heatmap, the monday is an average of all mondays since the release of Rarible Analytics.

Maybe one day, I’ll add the feature to select a period.

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Wow this is soo informative! Well done!


This is amazing and so helpful. Thank you!


Or just use this realtime chart: https://ethereumprice.org/gas/

Yep, you can use this, however, I’ll give some arguments to defend Rarible Analytics :

  • It focus on comprehension, so I scoped it to Rarible costs. It’s easier for beginner to have real averages based on Rarible costs, approving and Minting (more will come)
  • My charts are more realtime than ethereumprice ones. they reload it every 15 minutes, I reload every 5 minutes.
  • And the most important one, we can make this tool evolve. I’ll add many features to make life on Rarible easier.

I just add a new Feature : you can now get live prices for Rarible!

Enjoy :slight_smile: https://rarible.illuday.com/

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This is absolutely amazing. I did not share my support in a comment until now. Thank you for making such a wonderful device and sharing it with the community, I hope this helps many investors and artist’s such as I.

I have a question, do the ERC-1155 and ERC-721 averages in “Live From Rarible” also mean the averages if you pick the RARI contract instead?

Thanks a lot! In live from rarible, I calculate current prices of Rarible. Eth and $. I’m not able to tell you more, for now, I don’t know anything about RARI contract… Really sorry.

:pineapple: New version !

— Now a real and pretty url : https://raribleanalytics.com/
— I changed my data source to get more reliable datas, sorry for today!
— I remove Fastest value to make reading easier.

Thanks for using :slight_smile:


Outstanding work. Bookmarked and will use this from now on :clap: :clap: :clap: :pray:

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@illuday perfect work, thanks!

:pineapple: RARIBLE ANALYTICS - https://raribleanalytics.com/

Thanks a lot guys for your support!

Sorry, raribleanalytics averages were not working for several hours, some unicorns came and had fun with bears, they drunk many beers, mistreated a lobster and made a rave party inside my server at 3:25am CET, without respecting barrier gestures… Hopefully, this little game was short and every thing is back to normal now. The issue is fixed we haven’t lost anything. I take advantage of it to announce that next week I’ll upgrade the server to speed up it. You’ll probably have the oppotunity to filter every datas per date. Moreover, I’ll build new stats based on what I found from this learning. I’ll keep you in touch

Oh I almost forgot. We recorded this morning the lower average minting price, below 30$ (CET Time). I can confirm, twice, that Sunday is the best day to mint.


:pineapple: RARIBLE ANALYTICS - https://raribleanalytics.com/

— Some news! During the last days I’ve changed my database architecture, it allows me to get better performances on client and to bring new features easily.
— The old domain .illuday.com is now redirect to the new one. It may take up to 24h for the DNS to replicate.

So what? Let’s talk about the next features I want to add soon :

— Periods : I really want to work with dates, I’ll allow you to choose (for heatmap and average) a begin and an end date. It’ll be useful in few weeks/months to identify new patterns.
— Alerts : You’ll have really soon the ability to receive an e-mail when the gas price decrease under a desired price.
— Mempool : I will make a chart to identify pending transactions trends on ethereum network. Specially for @Rayne L. (Knowledgeable R)

See you :wink:


Hey Illuday,

many thanks for this effort!
This is really a great help for all Artists and Creators.

I am keen to see your progress on this project.

Keep up the good work and your Synergy Energy <3



I’ve been using it for a few days. It was a great application, I am grateful to you :relaxed: :pray:

Thanks so much for this. You’ve done the community a huge service. (Hope the rewards will be forthcoming, karmic or otherwise!)

Very useful - appreciate your hard work

Thanks so much for this! Any idea how to select your nonce setting to accompany?

:pineapple: Thanks everybody for the support! I came back to announce a huge update, and its available now! Here is the release note :

— New logo! I needed to do something, it’s not unbelievable, but…
— Opengraph & meta datas are now set. You’ll be able to share the link with preview.
— Small ad to support development cost (I promise, it’ll always be discreet)
— Gwei are now displayed! Same as everything, live & charts (pink color)
— Alerts! You can now choose to receive alerts by email when a value of your choice is reached. I’ll never use your email to spam you with something unrelated to RaribleAnalytics.com. It’ll be in beta for few days :wink:

I hope you’ll appreciate these new features. Thanks for using, you’re more and more every days.