Rarible DAO Monthly Reports

DAO treasury

  • The current DAO treasury is of 113,617 RARI (~$1.1MM equivalent)
  • A total of 8634.71 RARI were distributed for the month of May ($86,692.5 equivalent)

Governance and Proposals


  • Weekly community calls have seen attendance numbers in the mid 20s.
  • There are 7-10 members who are contributing time and effort to the DAO in various ways (excluding granting members)


The governance process needs to be improved on many fronts. This includes:

  • Changes to our token distribution were being discussed with the community, but it looks like we can’t implement these changes without investor approval. Sooner than later, we hope to have more flexibility here so we can iterate faster on the governance / token incentive side of things. We are working internally to expedite this asap.
  • We are hoping to bring more attention, participation and brains to the DAO. Many contributors who were excited when Rarible DAO initially launched have left because of the operational issues related to the DAO / governance process. A renewed focus communicating our effort and getting people excited is planned, as well as a “DAO refresh” effort with the release of our protocol

Any other business

  • Hiring for the following roles, please keep your eyes open (see DAO section)

Excellent post @eric

Keep up the good work, long may it continue :+1:t2:


I am very interested in the DAO system. I will try to read more and am happy to assist if i can. I recently listend to a very interesting Twitter convo. So i think the system is realy good. I am an educator and see a good opportunity for NFT education. I will think this over and write back later.