Rarible DAO Staking + Delegation Roadmap

This article outlines some of the proposed next steps for our staking / delegation strategy. Looking forward to hearing from the community on this!

Desired end state

  • A large number of high QUALITY contributors that work in a PERMISSIONLESS and OPEN environment that is ACCESSIBLE and SIMPLE to outside folks
  • that make GREAT DECISIONS on proposals
  • that are EMPOWERED via vote delegation
  • that co-OWN the network they help build

Overall Process

  • Multisig members are key token holders who execute proposals according to Delegate / Stewards wishes. Note, there will be a “Multisig Signers Agreement” which gives limitations on what Multisig holders can / can’t do…to prevent colluding and things like this.
  • THIS IS A TEMPORARY PROCESS… hopefully we move to a fully decentralized DAO soon, without a Multisig.
  • Delegation to Stewards is done on a quarterly basis via “delegation parties” or something (?). Stewards are expected to present their plan / strategy / program to the token holders. Eventually, we should move to something that looks more like conviction voting.
  • Anyone can submit proposals, and Stewards are responsible for voting. Proposals will still be required to be posted in the Forum and be discussed before being posted in Snapshot. Social consensus will enforce these rules.
  • Staking rewards are only given to stakers who stake on Stewards who are participating in governance.

The group of stewards will be self accountable and be responsible for communicating to the token holders / stakers the effectiveness of delegates / their blind spots / etc., such that token holders can stake on the most productive delegates. Which groups do we need to properly represent in this strategy? Marketing, Bizdev, Comms, Ops, Devs, rarible users… etc.

Next Milestones

Below are a list of near term milestones to execute on this vision:

  1. Rarible.com on the protocol (very soon!!!)
  2. COMMS BLITZ (basically spreading the good word about what our DAO and protocol is doing)
  3. Staking contract and UI complete (handled by rarible.com team)
  4. Multisig Signers Agreement outlining what multisig can and can’t do
  5. DAO mission statement complete
  6. Open call for Stewards!!!
  7. Inaugural Delegation Party

Please share thoughts / feedback below! We are already starting on 1, 2, 3 above, and quickly moving on the other steps of this process. Please share thoughts / feedback on the delegation process as things are still very fluid!



I wanted to ask this question on the call today but time ran out. Will staked Rari holders need to delegate their voting power or will they be able to vote themselves?

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they can definitely choose to delegate to themselves if they want.

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It’s showing decline on my profile, how many weeks I have to wait for reappearing of verification button.

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