Rarible DAO Vision, Mission and Values

Dear community,

Last month we started a workshop to further refine and solidify our Vision, Mission and Values as a DAO. We had great participation from the workshop and everyone continued to share their thoughts and edits through calls and discord messages. Below is the distilled output from that event.

This post aims to formalize the Mission, Vision and Values. Our next step will be to put this up for snapshot voting.

Thank you!


To enable every person in the world the ability to create, access, and monetize digital items.


To empower builders to easily innovate by creating the building blocks needed for them to succeed, while fostering a collaborative and positive-sum environment that is fair, transparent, and enriching.


As a DAO, Integrity is our core value. We expect our members to embody upright moral character both in the communities we inhabit and in our personal lives.


  • A Learning Mindset - We have a hunger to learn. We learn from our mistakes and our successes. We believe that there is always room to grow and improve.
  • Boldness - We are not afraid to fail. We take risks to test our ideas and assumptions.
  • Openness - We are welcoming, accepting, and supportive to our fellow humans. We value constructive criticism as this allows us to better ourselves.
  • Fun - We don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • Honesty - We are transparent with each other. We are trustworthy.


  • Collaboration - We can do great things together.
  • Community Empowerment - We believe that “community” is a valuable resource in making decisions that will push the space forward. We help and support each other to achieve success.
  • Inclusivity - We are accepting of all backgrounds, disciplines, and cultures. We believe in diversity. We will never tolerate discrimination of any kind.
  • We value people - We value the richness of the human experience and respect each other as full people.


  • We build exciting products - We build products that trigger deep emotional responses.
  • Resource Efficiency - We are good stewards of our resources and aim to allocate these resources in ways that are both efficient and expansive.
  • Innovation and Risk-taking - We are open to new ideas and are willing to test them. We believe innovation comes from taking risks and venturing into the unknown.
  • Value Creation - We build products that create value not only for our community but for the whole world.
  • Future-oriented and Long-term thinkers - We believe in creating a future that’s generative, sustainable, and enriching.