Rarible DAO Working Group


This is a proposal which aims to empower the community of builders working on Rarible DAO.

There is currently a large disconnect between the builders working on Rarible DAO and the Rarible Protocol, and the RARI tokenholders. For the most part, very few RARI holders are involved in the community building efforts, and don’t have the best understanding of where the community needs to deploy capital in order to be most effective and grow.

This proposal aims to create a working group, with its own treasury that is can allocate as it sees fit. This working group will itself be a DAO, initially using the DAOstack (alchemy.daostack.io) platform. DAOs on Alchemy are reputation based, and as members contribute to the community, they will be able to earn reputation in the DAO.

This proposal also aims to combine two previous forum posts for working group funding: https://gov.rarible.com/t/proposal-funding-to-pay-for-tools-to-support-dao-working-groups/15308/3 and https://gov.rarible.com/t/dev-working-group-proposal/15295.

Working Group details

  • Voting power in the working group will include the following people:
    • Eric Arsenault, Mark, Max, Elliot, Cooper, Zack, Isaac, Luis, Brody, Skogard, Ali, Jeff, Harry (among others!)
    • It will also include key members of the rarible.com team, like Alex and Ethan
  • Funds will NOT be used to pay individuals who have existing proposals.
  • We will place a constraint on the DAO of 30 members. Once we reach 30 members, the working group will divide into two groups of 15 member (or multiple smaller groups).
  • This is an experiment in structuring our DAO. There is a lot to learn, and may not be the long term structure of the DAO.
  • This working group (as well as others that might emerge), may become good candidates for delegation once this feature is live on the protocol.

Eric Arsenault will act as the representative for this group, and ensure funds move to the DAO wallet address.

A one time payment will be made to the following Ethereum address: 0xc9044DaabF32659aF9E6ecc58C7247f3Ec7d9C2f

Individuals who are paid by this working group will consider themselves independent contractors and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly before funds get distributed to them when appropriate. Eric will be responsible for collecting these forms.

Funding amount, and use of funds

We are requesting a $50K equivalent in RARI as an initial amount of funding for the working group. These funds will be used to:

  • Pay workers for their contributions
  • Pay for tools (like a Notion subscription) or software services

This will include a wide range of things, from developers offering support to other developers, to supporting community builders in our discord.


The working group will be completely transparent around how funds are used, and provide reports at the end of each month outlining expenses.

Members of the working group will continue attending community calls and will participate in governance processes.

Why should Rarible DAO fund this?

The current group of DAOists have very little empowerment (most, if not all, are not RARI whales!). Also, for the most part, large RARI holders have no idea what is happening at the DAO level. This funding will help bridge this gap, by giving a working group more autonomy, to move more quickly, and make quicker decisions for the benefit of Rarible DAO and the protocol.

If this experiment is successful, we will ask for further funding to continue the initiative, which should help grow out the ecosystem.


The top questions from my side are:
• The initial structure feels a little centralized, how do we get to the 5 wokring groups? Wouln’t everyone just want to work in the first one?
• Isn’t 30 people too big for a team?

Aside from that it feels like the state when we have a dao and a ton on working groups is really the sweet spot we want to hit


It feels like we should outline the salaries of everybody involved. The propose to create an excel table with an outline how this funds will be spend and add several month planning and an outline on what are the objectives for the group.


I agree, it is centralized to start… but that is the reality of the work effort in the DAO right now. We are a centralized team, working on protocol adoption. I also agree that we need to target 5+ working groups, and hope to structure things so that we get there over ~6 months (give or take).

Maybe the cap should be 20? I’m not tied to 30.

Note that 30 is the number of people who have voting power, and this does not reflect the number of active workers. Many people come and go. For example, in Genesis DAO (an early DAOstack DAO), there were hundreds of members with voting power, but <20 who were active for the majority of the time.


After talking to @AlexSalnikov, we both thought we could have some deliverables built in, in order to get follow on funding for the group.

My thoughts are that the primary deliverable would be a report outlining how we spent money as well as why it benefitted the ecosystem. It will be up to RARI token holders to decide whether that use of funds was beneficial when the next payment request comes along (hopefully it will!). Any thoughts @AlexSalnikov and others?

Spending decisions and the breakdown of these categories will be determined as a group, and there is no budget yet.

On another note, a detail that was not mentioned in the original proposal is that RARI will be swapped upon receival for DAI to ensure we don’t expose ourselves to price risk.


+1 on reporting. I see this as an investment in DAO governance infrastructure.

Good call on DAI swap also.

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Some additional thoughts on the topic:

The main areas of focus for the working group will include:

  • Communications
  • DAO Operations
  • Developers and Developer Relations

Each of these areas has different objectives, that over the course of the next few months, will be further refined. The work-in-progress objectives for Communications and Ops can be seen here and here respectfully.

In addition, the overall objectives of the DAO are a work in progress (we’ve just completed the 3rd in a series of 3 sessions on the topic), which will further inform goals and objectives of the different working group areas.

Each of these areas will hopefully, with this funding, be able to further refine and clarify their objectives which should all ultimately tie to our overall objectives at the protocol level (driving adoption of the protocol being a key one). Mapping out these objectives will be one of the deliverables complete as part of this working group, in addition to providing a report of the expenses.


Don’t we need to have one for artists (relations) or curation as well? Unlike other centralized marketplaces, Rarible.com is going to have some decentralized individual curators or at least some people who help newbie artists to onboard.

It’s way easier to mint NFTs and to make their debut on Rarible for artists by themselves, but actually they could be overwhelmed by a huge amount of competitors out there. So, they would want some reliable and influential consultants, curators, PR experts or at least advertisers for their art work to have more exposure and attention.

It would be very impressive imo if Rarible DAO could bootstrap and foster this kind of group of people with some strategies and plan. I don’t have a concrete plan and idea at the moment, but I hope we could discuss about this since it’s the right time to talk.

(The Cyber proposal is an example for this. If the DAO leads this movement, more and more new artists will join Rarible without paying their effort, energy and time to get selected by some picky centralized NFT marketplaces.)


By the way, that’s a great point. Our team soon wants to provide a business project, integrate with the protocol. We will be platform independent. You can read about our offer in this post: