Rarible Governance Process Overview :)

Welcome to the Rarible DAO Governance forum. Here we discuss DAO Governance, token incentives, proposals, governance process, DAO focus areas, growth strategies, how to participate in the DAO, among other things!

Our weekly governance calls are at 10am PST on Thursdays and you can sign up to our calendar here. Note that individuals and teams that get funding from Rarible DAO may be required to fill in W8 and W9-BEN forms for tax purposes.

How to submit your proposal

1) Come up with an idea!

Got an idea? Great!

Ask members of the Rarible community about your idea, and see what they think. You don’t need a polished proposal at this stage! There is a #proposal-ideas channel in Discord which is a good place to get feedback.

It’s also a really good idea to show up to our community calls to share your proposal with the community! Every Thursday, 10am PST using this link: https://zoom.us/j/2280660974 (or add to your google calendar here).

2) Create your proposal pitch in DAO Governance

Before you post, make sure you create a draft proposal to get feedback from some community members. A template can be found here: Proposal Template. In this proposal, you need to include:

  • A high level TLDR of your proposal, describing your project and why you think it should be funded
  • The problem or opportunity you are looking to solve
  • Funding amount requested (in $USD), with dates of milestones for each payment
  • The Ethereum address where funds need to be sent
  • Information on how funds will be used
  • Information on the person or team members submitting the proposal, and why you are a good candidates for this proposal.
  • Information on the point-person along with their contact information
  • Information on how you will be held accountable (attending our weekly community calls, giving updates on a regular basis, sending funds back to Rarible DAO if you can’t complete certain milestones, etc)
  • Include reasons why Rarible DAO should fund you, and benefit to RARI holders
  • Any other useful links or media

At this stage, because Rarible DAO is not fully decentralized, we would like all proposers to identify themselves and include in the proposal something along the following: “We consider ourselves independent contractors of the Rarible DAO and will report taxes accordingly. Forms W8-BEN and W9 will be filled out accordingly.”

If you didn’t see the link above, make sure to use our Proposal Template. Please try to minimize formatting so that it can paste nicely in Snapshot!

3) Get feedback from the team and community

If the idea is feasible, and we see there is interest from the community, the proposal will pass to snapshot. Below are some requirements before it achieves this milestone:

  • The proposal should be technically feasible
  • The proposal should have been on the forum for a minimum of 4 days
  • The proposal should have all of the information outlined in step 2) above
  • There should be no major concerns from the Rarible team

4) The proposal is posted in Snapshot

Proposals will be posted in Snapshot by a Rarible team member. They will appear in the “core” tab (see here).

  • The proposal will be posted for 5 days
  • The proposal will have Vote FOR and Vote AGAINST options
  • The proposal will include the copy from the forum post, as well as a link to the original forum post

5) Vote

The community votes in Snapshot. Feel free to share the proposal to get support for your proposal!

6) Execution

If the proposal passes (votes FOR > votes AGAINST), steps are taken to execute the proposal via the Rarible DAO multisig.


This is super helpful post. Answers a lot of questions I have had. Thank you very much for sharing and outlining everything in an easy to read and consumable way. Nice job.

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