Rarible Verification

Hi guys am new here and have been here for a short while a month plus it’s pretty frustrating that your works aren’t seen cos you aren’t verified,you are more like invisible then striving to get buyers that like the worst you’d have to spend your time on the internet and watch as you get ignored.my question is what does it take to get verified do you need like a thousand followers on rarible?

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It doesn’t have anything to do with follower count from what I can tell. Fill out your profile page as best you can. Header image, profile image, and bio. Include links to all your stuff like instagram, twitter, your portfolio, etc. Then fill out the verification form. I actually submitted the form a second time - after about 2 months, I think - and got verified. I had minted a few nft’s already by that point. Good luck!


Hi @Drexx

If you used the search function of the forum you would already have the answer.