Reason: Unauthorized images use

Hello there. I want to confirm my account but I was told to add a cover image first. I added it for approval. but now I got an email saying “Reason: Unauthorized images use”. I’m doing collage work. I don’t understand which image has a problem. How do I confirm the account?

my account:


Hi and welcome among us @alperguney :slight_smile:
The problem is you didn’t link your instagram directly in your account and the collage you provided as a cover are existying atworks juxtaposed instead of an original collage as you do regularly. Change your cover, add your instagram then resubmit.

I wish you the best here :four_leaf_clover:

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thank you :slight_smile: can you help me how to add my instagram account?

You’re welcome.

You just have to edit your profile on Rarible and add your Instagram account :blush:

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but there is no such place :frowning:

Hello @alperguney , look at the twiter username line there you have to report your name or nickname that you already use on twitter and then you have to click on twitter verified. there should open a new dialog box on Twitter if memory serves!


Thank you for your help my account has been approved :slight_smile: