Recent Influx of new users and scams

There seems to be an influx of people minting NFTs that clearly violate the rules of the platform.

clearly violates copyright rules

This is a bad look for the platform since it poses a risk for buyers. NFTs not minted by original artists will be nearly worthless after purchase while the seller gets away with the paid sum.
This doesn’t seem to happen in every case, but would the real copyright owner show up and release NFTs the copies would become worthless.

Method of Solution
I propose locking up the funds of not verified artist in an escrow contract until certain conditions have passed (as described below).

If the condition has successfully passed the artist can withdraw the funds from the Escrow contract.

If the condition has failed to pass the funds will not be released and instead can be withdrawn from the buyer. I would impose a penalty of 5% of the original price to punish fake buyers and also reimburse those who have voted on conditions (should conditions be a vote agreement).

Condition 1
Lock the funds of new artists in a escrow contact until X amount of Days have passed.

Condition 2
Lock the funds of new artists in a escrow contract until X amount of verified Creators have vouched for this artist.
Incentive has to be given here for verified Creators.

Condition 3
Lock the funds of new artists in a escrow contract until enough rari holders have signed a message(similar to snapshot voting) confirming the artist is original.
Snapshot voting would need to be incentivized.

This is just what I could think of on top of my head in terms of solutions, but I think the Problem I address is quite important and should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

The open question that remains for me is whether the NFT should also be held in an escrow contract, but I think that would hinder the sale and trade on the platform. Since the NFTs will be nearly worthless anyway I think it should be enough to Blacklist them from sale or display on the RARI platform. (I have no idea how this works technically, I have a feeling this could be quite complicated computing intensive to implement.)


Agreed, this seller’s collection should be burned asap

As I said elsewhere I like solution no.3 :slight_smile:

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Def not a good look. I like 3 as well

i agree it must be burn.

I bought an item on Rarible for 0.5 Eth as a ! of 1.and the creator posted exactly the same item for sale the next day as a 1 of 1 for 0.5 Eth. I have notice since that they have been making a habit of this with other items that they are selling.This is not the way it is supposed to work.I feel like i have been scammed an am reluctant to buy any items again on Rarible. What can be done to stop this person cheating people of their hard earned money.Now i have had to list the item for sale at 0.44 Eth to make some of my money bak by under cutting the creators listing.

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How can i communicate with someone from Rarible about this ? Thanks


I’m a very new user to the platform & am willing to do whatever the community thinks new users should do to verify themselves as authentic. I vote for 3 as well. For myself, I can provide original NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) or lightroom history since most of my work I’ll be posting is original photography. Hope these issues get resolved soon & new users like myself can continue to bring positivity to the platform and original passionate work.

Have a blessed evening ya’ll & stay grounded.

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Maybe you need to get in touch with the founder Alexander Salnikov and while you’re at it, ask him if he can verify my account. I’m still waiting.

I agree with condition 3.

Ive been an artist for the past 10 years and recently discovered NFTs and was excited about it till I discovered just how much of the wild west it is . I think there definitely needs to be some governance as in order for me to be verified I had to show them my trademarking of a piece I did 7 years ago yet the site is full of images that do not conform to the rules.