Recruitment prize for protocol apps?

What do you guys think about having a “recruitment reward” for projects building on our protocol?

This way, anyone can help find projects, and get a small reward for bringing in new projects.


Looks like a good idea.

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How about this, to help formalize a more structured process?

Recruitment Prize Amount:

  • $2500 USD equivalent

Conditions of Payments:

  • This prize is available to anyone who brings in a team or project that eventually builds on the rarible protocol or integrates with the rarible protocol. This prize can be for apps, or features / functionality such as an SDK or some auction functionality.
  • The prize is payable upon the product or integration being deployed
  • For the time being, Eric (me) will keep track of all the projects integrating / building on the protocol. If the project was already discovered or spoken to, no prize will be given.
  • It is not sufficient for someone to simply mention a project to receive payment. In an ideal scenario, no person from the Rarible team even needs to speak to the project!
  • In order to do this effectively, individuals who are promoting or trying to recruit projects to build on the Rarible Protocol should be very familiar with our protocol benefits. In order to ensure a minimum level of quality here, I propose a final condition: In order to receive the reward, individuals must be “white-listed” as a Rarible Recruitment Ambassador. Receiving this designation means you have the knowledge and skills to perform these duties. A simple test / exercise may be given to ensure you meet the minimum threshold.

Thoughts? Concerns?


it looks great :yellow_heart:

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Nice proposal!

Need to to watch out and make sure it’s all structured as finder’s fee and that this doesn’t veer into the muddy waters of unregistered broker-dealer relationships. One critical difference is that the finder should have no power to negotiate the terms of the deal between Rarible and the sourced team/project. Keeping a fixed fee goes into that direction. Relatedly, projects dropping tokens onto Rarible afterwards can be tricky if these tokens end up being seen as securities in some jurissdictions–I suggest putting such retroactive token airdrops on the “events to watch out” list. If tokens are dropped in a wallet, just send them back for example.

Can you give some color to the following statement: “In an ideal scenario, no person from the Rarible team even needs to speak to the project!” Does this imply that teams should integrate and build on Rarible and only after ask for potential rewards or retroactive grants?

Note: Post made as a member of Brain Trust DAO

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These projects shouldn’t all be asking for grants. Ideally, they just build, as startups do.

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Some additional ideas from today’s call:

  • Maybe we could give a name to people in this group? The Rarible Recruiters or something might be a good fit.

One idea that was mentioned by @DaoAdvocate in the call today was something like this:

  • Once we have a group of people who are filling this role, we create some cooperation dynamic. For example: $2000 goes to the individual who did the recruiting, and $500 goes to the entire Rarible Recruiters group. In order for this to work, we would probably need some sort of reputation / token system that tracks contributions, so that only those who contribute value would receive a share of the $500 from each new recruited project.