Refuse Low Bids?

Hey guys how do most of you handle low bids?

So I officially got my first bid on my NFT:

But I don’t agree with the low bid that the buyer has put for his bid, am I forced to accept his low offer? All I see is the “Accept Offer” button or “Cancel Sale”

Is “Cancel Sale” me rejecting the bid or is there someway to reject a bid?

Can I just let it sit and ignore it and will it fall off after a certain time?

Never made a sale on Rarible yet but I definitely don’t want people to think they can continue to lowball and made bids this low for my work so wondering if I anyone could share any insight how to deal with and or how to avoid low bids like this?

I’m still new to the marketplace so any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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Hi, just ignore them.