Rejected after 3 weeks :(

Hi everyone, hope you are all doing well. It is upsetting to find out that my verification has been denied. Is there a way I could appeal to it? I only have one piece in my portfolio but I expected it would be well received by the community (due to high fees, I plan to mint more once I am verified to cover costs).

This is my portfolio and my podcast I am for real!

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Hi @wisemonkey,

You can resubmit in several days.
Several tips for you : I didn’t see any link to your twitter, and your instagram is mostly unrelated to art.
You do not participate in the forum at all or, involvement is required to be verified.

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.


Hey @Sheratan, thanks for your reply! I will work on your suggestions! I sent you an instagram follow :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.

Sorry I’m not available today to answer posts