Remove ability to maximize videos and save images

Hello Devs,

I propose that rarible remove the ability for casual onlookers to “maximize” the size of an NFT video when viewing and also removing ability to right click on an NFT image and save the image file (right now you can only save as webpage but if you right click and save as “webpage single file” then reload the URL on browser, you can right click again and save as image file).

We need to try and protect the integrity of the NFT market and the value of each artist’s NFT creation. If a random person can easily create a metamask wallet account then connect to and then simply maximize an NFT video or right click an NFT image and use for personal or commercial use, then what is the point of owning an original edition of an NFT? If we can block these actions out early then I feel we can better maintain the future of NFTs. Thank you.


I wouldn’t mind maximizing video, the saving part is a bigger problem.


Even maximizing can be a problem I think. Imagine in the future when everyone has NFT panels/screens on their walls at home. Instead of buying NFTs they can just login into their rarible account and then maximize any NFT video and have it play for their own pleasure. Equivalent to buying a poster of a mona lisa for a few bucks and then framing it in your home. However the difference is the real physical mona lisa can be easily differentiated with a fake poster copy but can you really say the same for an NFT being displayed in somebody’s home? Practically impossible to differentiate unless your house guest asks to see the “Etherscan” transaction hash details.

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Quality I guess. Depends on your preview.

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@mgilla Yes true but lots of NFTs I’ve purchased did not include higher quality files so basically I just bought what everyone else can access for free.