Reply, recommendation and In app social feed feature

Hi, as a Twitter and Instagram user, I think there’s some good features that we can benchmark for more interesting engagement.


  • Having features for replying on NFTs and collections will let people interact more actively inside
  • We already have “like” button, but when NFTs and collections get likes, they should be shown in the social feed to boost user retention and in app engagement. We could also put banners and “AD/featured” space in the feed and get more profit/revenue for our Rarible platform.
  • In this way, we will eventually/ have decentralized social influencers, good promoters, rarible exclusive featured artists, etc.

In Twitter, people push the like and retweet button, and the tweet they liked are on their friends’ feed page. This way, they know what’s the trending talk/topics and what their friends are doing. Also, users can reply each other so that they can communicate and make more stories in the platform on their own.

Here’s one more example of Instagram.

Having reply feature brings more user engagement with better retention. We need to have an “in App social feed page” to show recommendations and trending NFTs/arists with many likes. Users will stay in the platform finding enjoyment by interacting with other people more closely and frequently. We could also have a trending category to show some viral content and NFTs.

As we have witnessed a great demand on some generative NFTs that are used for profile pictures(pfp) on social media like Twitter lately.

OG NFT players have NFTs including Cryptopunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits to show their identity and to join a firm and sound community. (Without a doubt, most of NFT sales volume are from those certain types of NFT as well according to and

If we have a measure for them to show their identity and let them to share their insight/knowledge, we could provide a very immersive UX for those NFT users too!

More importantly, by having above features, we will have decentralized social influencers, good promoters, rarible exclusive featured artists, etc. This is totally a next step for (decentralized NFT marketplace) which no other our competitors are doing yet.

Please let me know if anyone has other good ideas and feedback. :slight_smile:


Great ideas! Thank you for sharing them. Hopefully devs will take a look at that…


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