Risky Business?

It’s starting to become very disappointing. Today as a starving artist I took out the last $30 I had to mint a couple of NFTs. One was successful the other one I was charged three times for one NFT, two ended up being not for sale and I was lucky on the third try. This is more risky than actually purchasing crypto coins at least with crypto coins you can see the charts going up or down. This is a fifty/fifty hit or miss chance just trying to sell it. There should be some sort of refund for non saleable NFTs


Agreed! From my experience this far this service is so poorly implemented that it should simply not be getting the attention it has. There have been deduction from my wallet with no results. In theory this notion of minting the work with tokens is brilliant but I would go so far as to say that Rarible will be a thing of the past in one to three years if they don’t get their act together.