[RR-3] [Draft]: Governance Proposal Guidelines: Submissions

Proposal Template

Fill out the following details and delete this portion of the template before creating your proposal on Snapshot. Make sure you link to the long-form discussion, either in Discord, the forum or a community call.


Explain the purpose of the proposal in a couple of sentences.

  • Who created the proposal? Link?

  • The title should have the proposal number.

Ex: This is the third proposal RR-3 created by RayneMang. The purpose of this proposal is to provide a clear guideline or template for submissions to the Rarible DAO.


Describe the proposal in detail.

Ex: The design of RR-3 is to help anyone create a proposal they can submit to the DAO, gain support and execute with the community. With a proposal, you generate a request to make general improvements to the Rarible platform, protocol, token mechanics or anything else that changes Rarible for the better. By leveraging the power of the community, you can get things done.

Ideal proposal submission process:

  • Form an idea, create a structure and plan

  • Fill out this submission proposal

  • Post your submission in the forum (Create optional mock vote)

  • Promote your proposal via social media and community channels

  • Gather community support

  • Create or promote your snapshot vote

  • Submission is accepted and sent to DAO

  • DAO executes proposal


Explain why this proposal would be useful.

Ex: RR-3 is needed for formality and organization regarding DAO submissions.

Technical details

Technical implementation details of the proposal.

Ex: With RR-3, I suggest that people choose relevant improvements. Changes easily made by the community or existing Rarible teams. If the existing infrastructure is exhausted, submit additional details involving fundraising, resource allocations and required volunteers/workers.

Examples of additional details:

  • Are $RARI tokens needed? (How many? Why?)

  • Do you need a team to complete this? (Provide additional reasons)

  • Does coding need to be done, skills outsourced?

  • Is there an available budget for this?

  • Does this suggestion need marketing?


Present opinions For and Against the proposal.


For; An efficient DAO is also an organized one. Creating a guideline permits organization as Rarible scales and allows for a formal process for submitting improvements.

Against; People should be free to express their thoughts, and guidelines do not need to be so rigid.

  • You can link to Discord or forum posts.

  • You can also provide your reasonings.

Relevant Links

Link to all of the materials necessary for the proposal to be better understood.

Ex: Here is a link to the Discord discussion where I said I’d complete this guideline.

BarnBridge’s proposal template provides a basis for these guidelines.

  • Links to Discord/community call or forum discussions

  • Other implementations of the proposal


The length of time the proposal remains active– subject to participation.

Expected Execution: N/A (mm/dd/yyyy-mm/dd/yyyy)

Consensus: N/A (1-100%)

DAO Vote

If a snapshot for the proposal already exists— then also provide a link here.

Ex: https://snapshot.page/#/rarible/proposal/QmY48QUS2uj6GSd9EdQ1puAcmAyd5L75Q6HjFdNcVTNNWD

Poll Example

Use something like this to signal appreciation, acceptance or gauge general sentiment for a proposal.

Votes on poll like this can be used to measure acceptance before creating a snapshot.

  • For
  • Against
  • Abstain

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As is this looks good to me.


Looks good to me. Having a suggested DAO proposal template and process is good, although it is hard to have hard enforcement of templates from DAOs I’ve been part of in the past.

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We can try right haha :slight_smile: