[RR-6][Draft] Proposal: Artist Residency at Rarible x DoD

With the increasing attention that is given to the NFT space, Department of Decentralization believes that it is important to establish a network that supports and onboard new artists in a way that opens up for a more grounded and broader understanding of the space. We need to make sure that artists have enough information to make informed decisions. The crypto space has volatile tendencies and we do not want this to affect artists in a way that puts them in a more precarious situation than before.

These challenges are especially present in permisionless NFT marketplaces. We would like to see artists that join the permisionless marketplaces like Rarible be equipped with the right tools and education to be able to grow alongside the platform. Since the artist community is very large here, and at Department of Decentralization has been working on the intersection of art and tech since 2018, and have an extensive network of art people and technologists backing the collective up, we believe we can help.

As an answer to this DoD suggests an artist residency, run together with Rarible. The residency would be set up in a way that would help with onboarding, educating and supporting artists to become more active in the community.

The first round would be offered to a small group of selected artists, that want to join the platform, or that already are in the platform. If the first round proves to be successful, the residency would be offered on an open call basis.

During the residency, the selected artists would have virtual studio visits, calls and meetings with staff from both DoD and the collaborator, but also with a few selected people from outside the organisations, such as curators, critics, collectors and other stakeholders within the community.

The ideal scenario of the residency would be to establish and offer the following:

  • A robust support network that helps new artists to find their space within the community
  • Guidance on how to navigate the community
  • Introduce new artists to collectors, curators, and other stakeholders inside the community
  • Support in building long-lasting networks
  • Subsidized ETH gas fees

For the initial residency, DoD suggests starting with two or three artists. A smaller number would guarantee more dedicated time and resources, and as result, we would be able to offer the best possible attention to the selected artists.



Budget requested: 3 ETH for the first pilot

We have prepared our own goals to ensure this is a fully transparent proposal.

Goals Department of Decentralization:

  • Expand our network of artists and creatives
  • Identify problems in the space and improve upon them, work towards new industry reports
  • Earn recognition between art marketplaces as a supporting entity
  • Facilitate future art shows and initiatives
  • Get more traction and recognition of our grassroots work (future and previous)
  • Grow the collab with the collaborator for mutual growth and support
  • Help in sharing news about initiatives and work

Love it. Ready to support on any level. When do you plan to start this?


Hi Alex! Glad to hear that you like the proposal. We’re looking to make an announcement asap, and then roll out the program within the next two to three weeks.

MP just shared the link to the proposal on Twitter. We’re hoping to get some feedback on it so we can get going! :slight_smile:

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An awesome idea and very needed in the space! This proposal presents a symbiotic opportunity for both Rarible and emerging artists to learn from each other and grow together – artists from the personalized, dedicated support of the DoD team and their strong network, and Rarible from creating sustainable success stories of onboarding artists to not only the platform but the community it unlocks.


+1 Great idea. DoD also have been OG Crypto Art folks since the beginning, can vouch for their work


I’m a fan of this idea. Could we create some sort of event / competition to recruit top artists to these cohorts? Lots of interesting possibilities here.

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Hello, thank you all so much for your feedback.
After the call we put together some action points:

Action points and next steps for residency:

  1. Identification of members of the advisory support panel (crypto natives are important, but also we want to reach a wider variety, looking at areas such as art and environmental impact) (Started)

  2. Outreach and onboarding of advisory panel

  3. Modular planning and set up of program (to be finalized as soon as the advisory panel has been identified)

  4. Identification of artists to reach out
    a. Alternatively, an open call for participation in the program (the route depends on resources and time allocated)

  5. Selection of participating artists (as of now, we believe that we should keep it small – approx. 2-3 artists for the first round)

  6. Onboarding of artists and the start of the residency

Would be thankful for feedback here.


Love this:). I have been a digital arts educator and worked in numerous Art Centers with residency programs for many years. Please let me know if I can be of help:) Also being new to NFT crypto art world I can also be a good guinea pig to bounce ideas off of:)

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Yes completely agree with this!

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A very good initiative. I think it will really help add more legitimacy and trust to Rarible and the NFT market in general.


Hi, it would be great to speak to you about your experience with residencies and to bounce some ideas. How can we best reach you to find time for a conversation?

That sounds great! I work from home since COVID, so I’m very flexible. You can email me at fractilians@gmail.com so we can set up a zoom or whatever is best for you:)

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Hello MPF and DoD, reading up on your organisation, I quite like it,

I also think this is a very interesting proposal and there is indeed a need for a lot of guidance for people joining the crypto sphere as well as the NFT scene.

Since joining Rarible, I have been very involved in trying to guide people by posting an instructional guide that’s gotten a hundred replies and helping answer people’s questions on crypto and ETH contracts in this forum, but have been myself dumbfounded about entering the NFT art scene at times.

I am heavily involved and invested in crypto, but have always kept art as a personal hobby. With the emergence of NFTs I hoped to be able to use my creativity to generate funds for my humanitarian projects, but I have found it very difficult to find the right ways and place to stand out in the noise so I just reverted back to helping people with what I know.

I think having such a program and the entity running it as a backbone would certainly be helpful to onboard artist with more confidence and understanding the way to navigate the art sphere, while also being an additional way for people to network and build a decentralized community.

I don’t know if I would rather be lucky enough to be picked as an artist to be coached, or to be helping in some way with the advisory part, but I know that this definitely has some potential and I would love to be able to help and participate in some way.




I feel the same way as you. It would be great to participate in whatever capacity to help this project:)


Have you heard any updates on this? I read your article, which is great by the way. I would also love to create more technical on-boarding guidance. I’ve been having alot of issues with formats, sizing and think that would be a great component to have the artists in residence address. Zoom tech sessions? Something fun to build community.

Amazing comments and a lot of food for thought here!

The guide sounds really interesting! You don’t happen to have a link to it? :slight_smile: Looking forward to reading it, Jay!



This is a good idea!

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Would love to help in any way I can:)

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@stina great to hear the proposal on the call today. As I mentioned I am both a visual artist + musician and this proposal resonates with me. Would love to help out in anyway I can. Please feel free to connect with me if you’re interested. Thank you!


Hi Stina,

this is the link to the original post of the guide.

It’s just a little bit of info to help newcomers to the blockchain world.

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