[RR-6]Proposal: Artist Residency at Rarible x DoD

Note: the former RR-6 has been updated to this one.


An artist residency for the digital world, stewarding artists to the cybercommons while co-creating sustainable models of engagement and exploring NFT creation as new media praxis.


The NFT scene is currently going through a hype cycle in which rapid growth and speculation bring newcomers – and new money – at the cost of unsustainable practices and misaligned incentives. Supply is currently growing faster than demand and misinformation are rampant, but we see this residency as an opportunity to draw from previous networks to create support for artists in the space.


DoD has developed a new residency that sets out to help with onboarding, educating and assisting new artists to become more active in the cryptoart and NFT community.

  • Support network and market advisory
  • Community guidance and network building assistance
  • Introduce new artists to collectors, curators, and other stakeholders inside the community
  • Subsidized ETH gas fees
  • Carbon consciousness


The residency will be lead by DoD (Stina Gustafsson, Beth McCarthy, María Paula Fernández), which has selected various advisors from diverse backgrounds for an interdisciplinary board:

  • Vanessa Grellet
  • Aude Launay
  • Elizabeth Johs
  • Anne Bracegirdle
  • Mara Schmidt
  • Offsetra


  • We will focus on the Rarible platform, as it is permissionless and open to proposals, diverse and already populated
  • Demand in Rarible has plateaued or concentrated and there are many artists needing guidance
  • We are asking for 3 ETH from the Rarible DAO to subsidize gas fees + extra for carbon offset for the artists. All funds from grants proposal will go to artist subsidies


  • Aim to work with IRL residencies and act as a bridge between IRL and URL
  • Work with unrepresented minorities
  • Cross platform work
  • Offer different tracks for participating artists - for example environmental, NFT as IP design, or rethinking exhibition practices
  • Commissions
  • Set up a DAO to manage the funds
  • Expand to non crypto native artists / onboard new creatives