[RR-7] Proposal: Decrease the barriers for creators to adopt NFTs


By combining a strong Instagram integration with lazy minting, we can create a seamless entry point for new creators to adopt NFTs.


Whether it’s high gas prices, finding buyers, or transferring funds to a wallet there are many barriers creators need to overcome today to adopt NFTs. Our plan is to develop a solution that meets creators where they are and provides a frictionless experience for them to get started with NFTs.

We’re starting by building a solution that integrates with Instagram and adopts Rarible’s new protocol for lazy minting. Creators will connect their Instagram accounts to pull in their posts, select the ones they wish to use, and then a branded gallery will automatically be created for them to share with their fans as the official place to shop their feed for NFTs.

With this approach, creators can get started in just a few minutes. Best of all, since we’ll be using Rarible’s protocol for lazy minting, creators won’t need to fund their wallet or worry about gas prices to get going.

MyMuzay was born out of the ETHGlobal NFTHack event and won the top prize from Rarible as well as from Pinata. Here’s our submission.

Our proposal

To bring MyMuzay to market with a v1 solution that:

  • Gives users the ability to pull in content from Instagram
  • Leverages the new Rarible protocol for lazy minting
  • Provides users with branded links to share and use in their bio
  • Allows buyers to search and discover creators

Funding amount

1,500 $RARI delivered upfront and 1,500 $RARI delivered upon completion.

Use of funds would include:

  • Hiring a full-stack engineering contractor to help accelerate the time to ship v1
  • Software services to scale
  • Initial Creator/Influencer incentives and marketing


We will be working closely with the Rarible team. Especially as we’ll be guinea pigs for lazy minting on the Rarible protocol. We will be participating in weekly Rarible calls to provide status updates to track the launch.

Lastly, by splitting the funds upfront and upon completion we ensure that our incentives align with delivering a v1 together.

We are hoping to be able to deliver v1 by the end of April.

The Future

Ideas we’ve been thinking about post V1:

Expanding beyond Instagram - There are so many other creator platforms beyond Instagram we can meet creators. Whether it’s TikTok, Twitch, or maybe even OnlyFans. We’d like to explore these options after we launch.

Support both ERC-721, ERC-1155 - Allow creators to create NFTs with a set number of prints allowed.

Custom contract royalties - Allow creators to set custom royalty agreements for their NFTs.

Creator Referrals - We can provide MyMuzay users with information about Rarible’s referral program to get them to attract new creators.

Why Fund This?

While NFTs are more popular than ever, we’ve barely scratched the surface with creators and their fans. Kim Kardashian just today minted her Instagram posts as an NFT. A seamless experience that begins where creators are already at and removes the existing barriers will significantly help grow the ecosystem. Rarible could be the NFT marketplace of choice for these creators as they get started.