Safari Works, Chrome Does Not

I minted my first nft the other day. Everything is working properly in Safari browser, but the image preview does not display in Chrome for me or my friend. The sound will play but the video does not show up. Any ideas?

What’s the link to your problem?

Thank you.

I’ve tried testing it with a few browsers and (so far) it’s not working on any of them

by any chance is the file format .mov and did you test it on the mac you made it with?

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I think there’s an issue with your file - I tried many browsers across both PC and Mac (actual machines, not browser test software) and I saw the video only once and that seemed to have a browser resolution error - it was on Safari and I couldn’t see the whole piece, just a section of it (what is the resolution of your file?)

I also tested many other video and music NFTs here (again, on both desktop PC and MacBook pro) and had no problems with any of them

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Thanks so much for the help. Everything worked smoothly on my Macs with Safari and my iPhone. The resolution is 1080p. It was .mov but I changed the extension to .mp4. That made it work on my Mac. Perhaps that is the issue.

File info shows:
Kind: MPEG-4 movie
Size: 41.5 MB
Dimensions: 1080x1920
Codecs: HEBX, AAC
Color profile: HD (1-1-1)
Duration: 00:20

yeah I tried on my Android too and it wasn’t working; glad you seem to have it resolved and, my pleasure :slight_smile:

good luck with everything

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Bummer. I was under the impression:
MP4 is actually a subset of the older MOV format. Thus, you can also simply rename the file to change video format from MOV to MP4 on Mac. No actual conversion is required. This works on macOS and Windows PCs

Initially I tried to upload the .mov. When that didn’t work I did the file name change. Everything worked once I made the change. Now it’s not showing up in Chrome or PC (or Android). I wonder if it it the Codecs causing the issue. It looks like after running the .mov through an online converter the Codecs are now AAC, H.264. vs HEVC, AAC in the .mov. Do you have any insight?

.mov is only a container, as is .mp4

instead of doing an online conversion, can you not export it as H.265 MP4?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe I have any options for export format. I created this piece entirely on iPhone. Splice is the editor I used and I haven’t found any settings options for mp4

ok, do you want to email me the file and I’ll see if I can fix it?

Thanks, that’s kind of you. The file is a bit hefty (42mb) for email. My neighbor said he could do the conversion for me. I really appreciate all of your help trouble shooting the issue.

ok, no worries, hope your neighbour fixes it for you then :slight_smile:

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Another twist in the plot. Everything looks correct on OpenSea in Chrome on my Mac. I’m baffled.

Hi @meraj,

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It might be worth doing a search on the thread then to see if others have had a similar problem; failing that you’d have to send support a ticket

On my end tho, I’m seeing a squashed out image on OS so I’d still advise taking another look at your video properties


Support ticket submitted.


Update. I burned my original token. I re-encoded my piece with the mp4 file format specs below and minted it again with a new name:
Kind: MPEG-4 movie
Size: 96.6 MB
Dimensions: 1080 × 1920
Codecs: AAC, H.264
Color profile: HD (1-1-1)
Duration: 00:20
Audio channels: Stereo

So far this seems to have corrected the issue. I can now view the piece in Chrome on my Mac as well as Safari and on my iPhone.

Does it work in your browser?