Scams - Important - Must read (updated 2021/07/29)

Hi fellow Rariblers,

There are multiple scams running so be aware that :

- never scan a QR code outside Rarible when someone messages you on Instagram/Telegram. You give them access to many informations and can be stolen ETH.

- There is no Rarible Telegram help page! Everything from this is a scam!

I will update this thread as much as possible.


Discord Scams :

- Do not accept trade from an unknown people
- Do not pay for supposed promotion


wait what, really? Wow, thanks for the info @Sheratan


As a friendly reminder, Rarible does not offer any support via telegram, the only official support channels are this discord and via this link

If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a team member of Rarible on telegram then they are a scammers and should not be trusted.


Beware on discord

Magnus announcement :

“There is a group of scammers adding users of Rarible to a fake Rarible telegram group, and directing them to a site where they claim Rarible is issuing a 800K $RARI Airdrop. This is absolutely not true , this site is designed to steal money from unsuspecting victims. We’ve submitted documents to the site registrar requesting a takedown as well as telegram but as far as we can tell the group & site are still active. Please share this information with your friends and other users of the platform.”


This is info that really needs to be pinned and added to when appropriate; thanks for your diligence my friend :slight_smile:


@Sheratan i sent several message to Rarible support on discord a week ago, i have not yet taked in consideration.

They left an “OPEN DOOR” for scammers.

What i noticed is that the verified badge is give to the USER id instead of Username. That give scamers a chance to do scams or spam on rarible.

For example: a scamer get a verified user on rarible and change the user name into a famous person for example elon musk and start selling fake NFT for hight prices. It’s easy to manipulate people to believe that.

So lets do something to keep this community free of scammers.

Just try: Change your rarible user into what name you want and you will see i am right.

P.S. RARIBLE STAFF ONLY any donation will be higly appreciated for this info.


Beware anywhere
@roy42 testimony

Do not accept any image file nor click any link sent via e-mail, chat or DM, they might access your wallet and steal your money!

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Dear friends. I don’t know if this topic has been brought up before, but I didn’t notice. But I feel compelled to open this issue. When you get some attention and start selling at Nft, you can start getting some messages. These messages may be of interest. For example, offers to do business with you and similar messages. I advise you to be careful. They may give you a link to click through to your email or private chat. Or they may send you a picture and offer to work on it. In this way, they somehow gain access to the wallet. It happened to a few of my friends and they suffered serious losses. When in doubt, you should not click on any link. You should not download any files to your computer.


@roy42 Thanks very much for the tip. This is a very important alert. Thanks again, BerniE


That’s right mate. It’s overlooked. Please move if possible. But there is a small difference. They can also troubleshoot without scanning any QR codes. Friends I know lost their money just because they downloaded a picture.


You can move the thread to the appropriate place.

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@MJ.Warg will report a scam here : please pay attention!


New scam on Facebook! Do not connect your wallet !!

A fake Rare page has been created on Facebook on which names taken at random from real users of the platform are invited to recover 500 Rari by connecting their wallet.
Don’t do it! This is a scam.

Rarible always contacts us by email if necessary, moreover there is no operation of this kind announced on the site.

I reported the page to Facebook.


@MJ.Warg Thanks for the warning and head-ups. BerniE.


thank you ( commenting to bump this post )


Delanie Sosa Annabelle - scammers who imitate gas charges when receiving an invitation from the Foundation, placed on accounts:

Taking advantage of the fact that the foundation does not have a simple and clear description of how the invitation should look like, scammers Delanie Sosa Annabelle send a free invitation and simulate a request from the Foundation to pay for gas

I advise you to make a REPOST so that as few people as possible get hurt


Sad person,


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Thank you
Nothing, I’m not a child, I can survive. just wanted to warn others not to get hurt


Possibly a scam.

Be careful. Hope you are all well.

Faith x

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